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Same-sex couple signs Ketubah at Temple Isaiah

TempleIsiah1Written by Skip Descant
The Desert Sun
Aug. 30, 2013

Palm Springs congregation alters language in marriage contract to include gays

PALM SPRINGS — The setting inside Rabbi Sally Olins’ office at Temple Isaiah felt comfortably casual Thursday morning as Mel Matulsky and Tad Berman gathered with their families and close friends, many of them joking and snapping photos. Someone brought in a tub of bottled water.


4 Deaf Jews, The Battle for Jewish Souls

4DeafJews4 DEAF JEWS, The BATTLE for JEWISH SOULS (Jews for Jesus, Messianic Jewish Christians)

#1 of a 6-part lecture series for Deaf Jews entitled the "Counter-Missionary Survival Seminar", which responds to the 2,000 year-old claim by Christian missionaries that Jesus is the Jewish messiah.

Using the Jewish Bible, where the concept of the Jewish Messiah has its foundation, Rabbi Skobac explains how two Billion Christians are wrong and that Judaism is correct in rejecting Jesus as the Messiah. Today, the worldwide Jewish community is being aggressively targeted by over 1,000 evangelical Christian organizations.


New Israeli app will help deaf, hard of hearing call police in emergency

IsraeliAppBy Yaniv Kubovich    | 08:29 01.08.13

With no emergency text system, hundreds of thousands of Israelis can't call police in emergency.

Hundreds of thousands of Israelis who are deaf or hard of hearing can’t call the police in an emergency, because the police still lack the capability to receive calls for help via text messages. However, Kobi Yaakobi - of the Institute for the Advancement of Deaf Persons in Israel - is currently working on a solution: an application called kaftor adom (“red button”).

Photo: A cellphone user choosing from an app. Photo by Bloomberg

The institute’s goal is to distribute the app for free to anyone who needs it.


Deaf Patrons’ Suit Accuses Starbucks of Discrimination

StarbucksBy WINNIE HU
Published: August 8, 2013
The New York Times

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Three of the people involved in the complaint are Jewish: Larry and Veronica Bitkower, and Charles Kaufman. Charles is third from the left. Larry is first person on right, and Veronica is the third person from the right.]

Photo:  Credit: Michael Appleton for The New York Times
From left, Evan Dach, Jacqueline Kaufman, Charles Kaufman, Ralph Wiznitzer, Veronica Bitkower, Miu Ng and Lawrence Bitkower are part of a group suing Starbucks, saying they were refused service at some locations in Manhattan.

The Starbucks coffee shop on Astor Place is an airy, communal retreat where the regulars huddle with their laptops, reconnect with friends and exchange water-cooler gossip over foam lattes.

But Miu Ng, who is deaf, found the coffeehouse decidedly unwelcoming when she wrote down her order for an iced coffee on a slip of paper and tried to hand it to a man behind the counter. He put his hand in her face and waved her away, she said.


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