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Community Passover Seder - Northridge, CA

TBS_logoTemple Beth Solomon of the Deaf has announced their annual "Community Passover Seder":

Tuesday, March 26

Airtel Plaza Hotel
7277 Valjean Avenue
Van Nuys, CA

Rabbi Deborah Goldmann will officiate. Committee members are Elaine Aikins, Adele Podolsky, Candy Scott, Florence Haberman, and Ruth Richter.

RVSP: Contact Temple Beth Solomon of the Deaf by March 21.

Source: Congregation News, Temple Beth Solomon of the Deaf

Services at Temple Beth Solomon of the Deaf - Northridge, CA

tbsTemple Beth Solomon has announced two upcoming events at Temple Ahavat Shalom chapel during February:

* Fri, Feb 8th
  Shabbat Service

* Fri, Feb 22nd
  Purim Party

Temple Ahavat Shalom chapel
18200 Rinaldi Place
Northridge, CA

Source: Congregation News, Temple Beth Solomon of the Deaf

JDMM: New Videos + addition to Art Gallery

ParshasYisro     > "Parshas Yisro"

We know the very first commandment of the ten starts with the words, "I am the L-rd, your G-d..."

Is there a lesson to be learned from the first commandment?

Yes, according to Rashi, the classical commentator who explains the reason why the first commandment is linked with the leaving of Egypt (if you look at the continuation of the above quote, you will see that it says, "... Who brought you out of the land of Egypt...").

     Play video - http://jewishdeafmm.org/the-living-parsha/13731779/yisro


The Jewish Deaf Multimedia (JDMM) posted the following videos the past month:

     > "Parshas Beshalach"

Indecisive? Don't worry, Pharaoh was like that. Ten times.

In this week's parsha discussion, we take a second look at how being indecisive can inconvenience others. Are we too scared to make up our minds sometimes?

     Play video: http://jewishdeafmm.org/the-living-parsha/13729048/beshalach#.UQVfJWcs18E

ParshasBo     > "Parshas Bo"

This week's parsha - which continues to narrate the clash between Moses and Pharaoh just before the Jews leave Egypt - talks about the value of children. What exactly did Pharaoh say about the Jewish children, and how did Moses respond?

     Play video - http://jewishdeafmultimedia.createsend1.com/t/r-l-uityyud-ydlytdtyik-d/

ParshasVaeira     > "Parshas Vaeira"

There are moments in our lives when we realize we have been misrepresenting ourselves, saying one thing and doing another. In this week's parsha - Vaeira - we read about Pharaoh and how he got caught in his trap of declaring himself a god of the Egyptians. It may be funny, but it makes us think about how we can strive to be more true to ourselves.

      Play video - http://jewishdeafmultimedia.createsend1.com/t/r-l-utkktkt-ydlytdtyik-d/

ParshasShemos> "Parshas Shemos"

The Torah in this week's parsha, Shemos, describes the beginning of the slavery of the Jewish people in Egypt. Slavery is a sad thing. But there is much to be learned from our experiences in Egypt. This week's post to the The Living Torah blog points out to one such lesson. What lesson do you think it is?

     Play video - http://jewishdeafmm.org/the-living-parsha/13703142/shemos


New addition to JDMM Art Gallery



Jackie Zagon,
My Zayde, 2004.
Acrylic on canvas.
18in x 24in.

Take a new look on nostalgia, and learn about the Jewish attitude towards our elders. This theme is illustrated with a thought-provoking self-portrait by a talented artist, Jackie Zagon. The painting depicts her as a child with her grandfather.

      View page - http://jewishdeafmultimedia.createsend1.com/t/r-l-uityyud-ydlytdtyik-h/


Source: Jewish Deaf Multimedia

Jewish Signers welcome at Kosher Chinese Restaurant - Newton, MA

Sandy Slavet, director of Jewish Life at Services for People with Disabilities announces an event for people who use sign language:

What: Kosher Chinese Dinner

When: Sunday Feb 10, 2013

Where: Taam China ll
              108 Oak St, Newton

Time: 1:00-3:00

Cost: $5.00 per person

RSVP Deadline: Wed Feb 6, 2013 to Sandy at sslavet@jfcsboston or orgsslavet@jfcsboston. org.

Take a closer look at Jewish Dietary Laws. Taam China is a Glut Kosher Chinese Restaurant

Space is limited - Discussion will be in ASL - no interpreter will be provided

Source: Jewish Signers of MA


This Month's Video

Published on Jul 7, 2017Emily Frances of i24 News "Trending"- in depth interview with deaf Oscar winner Marlee...

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