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DeafNation - Again!

JDMM_Las_VegasJoshua Soudakoff
Executive Director
Jewish Deaf Multimedia

A couple of weeks ago, Jewish Deaf Multimedia had a booth at the DeafNation World Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. And it was a smashing success!

We gave out free bookmarks with information about our website and what we do. We offered people the chance to do a mitzvah and put on tefillin. We gave out candle-lighting kits for Shabbat. We schmoozed with passerbys and explained what exactly we do. All in all, it was very meaningful, and we feel we were able to reach out to more people than before by having a booth.

Photo, above:  Yehoshua Soudakoff in front of JDMM's booth during DeafNation World Expo in Las Vegas.


Meeting Kimmo

KimmoLThursday, August 9, 2012
By Yehoshua Soudakoff
Posted from Deaf Nation World Expo, LV
RovingRabbis - Rabbinical Student Visitation Program

At the Deaf Nation World Expo (an international convention for over 30,000 deaf people) last week, I met a fellow from Finland: Kimmo L.

I noticed him as soon as he approached our booth. Tall and thin with overflowing hair, he did not strike me as Jewish, but when he began to share his story, it became clear that I was quite wrong.


Atlanta Teen’s Far-reaching Bar Mitzvah Project

JackMorgan1By Jeanie Franco Marx
For The Atlanta Jewish Times
August 3, 2012


Three years ago, when Jack Morgan – now a rising 10th-grader at Northview High – decided to train a puppy as his bar mitzvah project, he knew he’d made a commitment: to love, teach and bond with a pup named Tara for 14 months, then give her up to help someone disabled.

Photo: From left to right, Susan Broude, Tami Pivnick, Tara, Jack Morgan and Marci Morgan after the Atlanta premiere of “Bullied to Silence.”

He knew it would be a sacrifice because he loves dogs so much, but if it would benefit someone else, he was ready to do it.


Philadephia Jewish Deaf history records

PhillyDCCThe Temple University Libraries in Philadelphia has posted records associated with "Friends of the Deaf Community Center".

Historical Note
Friends of the Deaf Community Center was organized in April 1936, by Mr. and Mrs. Jack Olanoff, Mr. & Mrs. Herman Feinman, Herman Rosenfield, and Elias Wolf. The aim of the group was to set up a house for the Jewish deaf and their friends to hold meetings and religious services.  In 1939, the building at 1516 West Girard Avenue was dedicated as the Friends of the Deaf Community Center. The Community Center provided a space for dances, interpreters, general counseling, and instruction in needed skills such as sign language, lip reading, speech development, and sense training. In December 1949, a nursery school for deaf children was established with the help of Dr. David Meyers, an otologist.  Initially, Friends of the Deaf offered many of its services free of charge, however membership dues and enrollment fees for nursery school students were instituted in order to compensate the teaching staff and pay for assistive devices. The nursery school provided education for 2 to 3 year olds until 1975 when it closed due to lack of funding. In 1979, Friends of the Deaf sold the Community Center, but continued to provide services in association with the Hebrew Association of the Deaf at the Silent Athletic Club (SAC) of Philadelphia.



This Month's Video

Announcing Mozzeria as CSD SVF Business Partner

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