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Interview with JDCC founder Sharon Ann Dror

jdcc_logoIn May, JDCC Board members Kenneth Rothschild and David Rosenbaum interviewed Sharon Ann Dror, JDCC founder and president.



How you feel about JDCC reaching its 20th year of service?

I feel old!

sharonAre you satisfied with your vision for JDCC?

I would say 90%. One thing I wish, but it hasn’t happened yet, is that the Haggadah powerpoint be posted to the Internet.

How has the JDCC vision changed from the beginning to today?

I didn’t expect that Facebook and the Internet would have the huge impact that we have experienced. I think it’s much easier nowadays to disseminate information. No longer do we need to wait to explain in person now that we use videophones and pagers. The fax machine and TTYs are now pretty much gone. Even having a voice number doesn’t have the urgency that it used to have!


JDCC - Milestones

JDCC-Logo1992 - First organized as "Creative Services Group", an outreach group in Southern California.

September 1992 - first issue of JDCC News is distributed.

  August 1994 - Expanded its mission and changed its name to "Jewish Deaf Community Center."

1998 - In recognizing that deaf organizations kept scheduling their sporting, social and other events to conflict with major Jewish holidays, JDCC designed, printed and distributed "JDCC Five-Year Calendar" to deaf community leaders along with a letter requesting that they refer to the calendar before scheduling their events. JDCC updated and distributed the Five-Year Calendar three times and currently makes the JDCC Five-Year Calendar available on its website.


Jewishness and Deaf Culture: A Comparison

DeafEcho_GrushkinDonald Grushkin
May 31, 2012
Deaf Echo

Many people think of being Jewish as belonging to a particular religion.  What many people don’t realize is that it is more than that: being Jewish means being part of a specific culture and holding an identity as a Jew.  Many people also know of the different denominations of Judaism; for example, Orthodox, Conservative and Reform.  From a simplistic point of view, one might say that these categories reflect different “strengths” of Jewishness.  A more nuanced view would see that these are “different ways of being Jewish”.  That is, Orthodox Jews hold to a traditional vision, in which one must dress, act, and think in ways prescribed in the Bible.  In comparison, Reform Jews retain very few of the traditional Jewish ways, especially in the area of religious practice.  To the outward eye, Reform Jews might not appear “Jewish” at all.


Congregation Bene Shalom and Rabbi Doctor Douglas Goldhamer Celebrate 40 Years with Anniversary Gala, Sunday, June 10

Gala_GoldhammerSHOUT Marketing & Public Relations
TRIB local Skokie

SKOKIE – Congregation Bene Shalom, is proud to announce details of their 40th anniversary gala in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of the ordination of its founder, Rabbi Dr. Douglas Goldhamer, Sunday, June 10. The evening begins with cocktail hour at 5 p.m. and a dinner reception follows at 6 p.m. at Chateau Ritz, 9100 Milwaukee Ave., Niles. The 40th Anniversary Gala also includes entertainment from Charlene Brook and The Bradley Young Orchestra. Reservations are $100 per person. The dinner includes an open bar. Tickets are available at 847.677.3330 or 224.534.0029 vp (for the deaf).



This Month's Video

Announcing Mozzeria as CSD SVF Business Partner

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