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Jewish deaf celebrate Chanukah - Toronto

OurWayTorontoTuesday, December 27, 2011
The Canadian Jewish news

More than 50 members of both the Our Way organization and the Toronto Jewish Association of the Deaf celebrated together at a recent Chanukah party. Attendees retold the story of Chanukah and enjoyed delicious refreshments. Special Chanukah charts in sign language were given out to each person, in addition to Chanukah kits and dreidels.

Source: http://www.cjnews.com/past-news?q=node/89041

Deaf Yeshiva Alumni launch website to raise funds

YNDSoulsAvraam Rubinov and Daniel Chernoff, alumni of Yeshiva Nefesh Dovid in Toronto, Canada have launched a website to raise funds.

"Rabbi Kakon helped to instill in each one of us the feeling that our Torah is worth more than all teh gold and silver that this world can provide," Chernoff explains on www.saveyndsouls.com, "I want to continue to keep the fir4es burning in each boy who goes through Nefesh Dovid just as I did."

He is encouraging people who purchase any products through Amazon.com or Endless.com to enter a special link so that Amazon or Endless can make contribution to Yeshiva Nefesh Dovid.

The new website with the links can be found at www.saveyndsouls.com.

Source: Daniel Chernoff

December Video and Blog Postings from JDMM

Redemption_Soudakoff"Moshiach 101"

Two more videos have been posted:

* Anticipating the Redemption
In this video, learn what it means to anticipate the Redemption. Is it enough to just know that Moshiach is coming?

      Play Video - http://jewishdeafmm.org/moshiach-101#/i/2

* The Dilemma of Resurrection
In this video, you will learn about an interesting dilemma of a person who married two women over his lifetime - and what may happen when Moshiach comes.

      Play Video - http://jewishdeafmm.org/moshiach-101#/i/3

Blog Posting: "Being Deaf in the Era of Moshiach"
This post explores the meaning of being deaf in a time when many big changes will occur - among them, becoming hearing.
      Blog - http://jewishdeafmm.org/blog/photos/13443073

Two videos for Chanukah:

* ASL ABC Story
Play Video - http://jewishdeafmultimedia.createsend4.com/t/r/l/iiykzd/ukliltwh/i/

* "A Chanukah Question"
Play Video - http://jewishdeafmultimedia.createsend4.com/t/r/l/iiykzd/ukliltwh/d/

Trip To Israel
JDMM is partnering with Travel with Ephrat on a trip to Israel in summer, 2012. "The trip will be a combination of both sightseeing and rich educational learning opportunities. In just eleven days, the group will travel all over the entire country and visit over a dozen cities and villages, with guidance and narration from Ephrat Dvir, an Israeli deaf tour guide. There will be many learning sessions with Yehoshua Soudakoff of Jewish Deaf Multimedia."

A tentative itinerary is available at http://g.virbcdn.com/_f/files/70/FileItem-175118-JDMMIsraelTrip2012.pdf

Source: Jewish Deaf Multimedia

Humorous video about the Mezuzah

mezuzahMezuzah: The Jewish Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

Jewish Deaf Multimedia (JDMM) posted this funny video about the special mitzvah of placing a mezuzah on the doorposts of our homes.

      Play Video - http://jewishdeafmm.org/signs-of-the-mezuzah

Source: Jewish Deaf Multimedia


This Month's Video

Announcing Mozzeria as CSD SVF Business Partner

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