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Life Cycle

Our Sympathies Goes to the Family of:
     Alice Boxer,
95 - Hawthorne, California - June 12, 2010.
She was a founding member of Temple Beth Solomon of the Deaf in California in 1965 and was a very active member of the Sisterhood. She loved her work at El Camino College until she retired and even then went back and worked part time. She is survived by her niece, Susan Taras, from Jerico, New York.

     David Perlovsky, 87 - California - Sept 6, 2010.
Born in Cleveland, Ohio to Mary Perlovsky. Became a member of Temple Beth Solomon of the Deaf in California in 1973 and served for a time as the Men’s Club Secretary. He is fondly remembered for his wonderful ability to entertain
and is featured in one of TBS’ old films portraying Mae West. He loved his work as a hair stylist until he retired in 1990.

     Irving Alpert, 82 - California - Sept 27, 2010.
Born in Brooklyn, New York and attended The New York School for the Deaf, in White Plains, also known as Fanwood. He was a cabinet-maker and later was a route man for the New York Post. He married Bertha Bugatz, who attended the Lexington School for the Deaf. He was very active in the deaf community, having served as president and treasurer of the Union League for the Deaf in New York. He is survived by his daughter, Zelda Alpert-Torres and grandson, Marc Torres.

Source: Congregation News, Temple Beth Solomon of the Deaf



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