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Message From The Editor

We sure had a full month of exciting programs. In April, there will be some unique events coming up..

JDCC had a booth at the Chabad House Mikvah Fair in Santa Monica on March 5th. Many people were very brave to drive in the heavy rains to attend the Fair! This was a wonderful experience and opportunity to make people aware of JDCC.

We had Rabbi Douglas Goldhamer of Chicago over for Shabbat with 25 participants. A delicious homemade dinner was served. Rabbi Goldhamer led Shabbat services and spoke briefly about Abul Barakat. Howard Rosenblum, a guest, also from Chicago, spoke about Hebrew Seminary of the Deaf and the 1996 NCJD Convention.

JDCC will have a booth at the Deaf Flea Market on March 25th. Literature and flyers will be on the table for patrons to pick up.

We will have a joint program with NCSY/Our Way to go Passover food shopping at Hughes.


This Month's Video

Announcing Mozzeria as CSD SVF Business Partner

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