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Creative Services Group

Dear Friends,

This is the second newsletter being sent out to the Jewish deaf young adults in Los Angeles. We are proud to announce the high holiday services was a success.

We want to thank our friends for their support and giving us the chance to offer this unique creative services.

Attendees at Rosh Hashana were: Shelley Goul & Jena, Jeff Lubman, Susan Margolin, Joshua Mendelsohn, Steven Merkin, David Rosenbaum, Hetty Rothenberg & Justin, Ira Rothenberg, Amy Sladek & Aaron & Sharon & David Soudakoff and Joshua.

Rosh Hashana services started at 9:30 a.m. after gathering at 9 a.m. with kosher Dunkin Donuts and drinks. We used the Artscroll Machzor Sharon gave a sermon on Numbers. Here is a reprint of the presentation:

Do we ever often wonder why in the Jewish religion, there are so many numbers that has a meaning behind its number? For example, did you know that even numbers are considered unlucky and odd numbers lucky according to the Talmud?

There were even arguments about drinking the four cups of wine at Passover Seder, but it was decided that Passover's status as a "night of protection" would ward off the evil effect of the even number. It is also considered unlucky to number people such as when counting for a minyan of ten men. Instead a biblical verse of ten words is usually recited to count heads.



This Month's Video

Announcing Mozzeria as CSD SVF Business Partner

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