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We are proud to announce Yom Kippur services with Rabbi Fred & Connie Friedman was a big success!

Yom Kippur services started at 9:00 a.m. and ended around 1 p.m. with a great sermon on 'Mixed Seating'' by Rabbi Fred Friedman. It was an appropriate topic as the services had separating seats for women and men. Below is a copy of Rabbi Friedman's sermon.

What does this theme "Mixed Seating" have to do with the mechitzah (wall separation)? You will see the clear picture when I tell you the reasons. In our time I would say, around the 1950's, Many of us had spent our lives in state schools such as CSD at Berkeley, Fremont, and MKSD at Trenton, NJ where I grew up as a student there. I am sure many of us remembered what we had to go through a lot of separateness in dining rooms, auditoriums, gym classes, basketball games at state schools and even in movies when they were shown at the auditorium!!! Why? Because the dormitory staff and supervisors knew what was best for us in the future. Many remembered when it was a special day for us when we were 16 or 17 years old and had a privilege to sit next to a girl in the movies at state school auditoriums, you really did not watch the movie, you hold the girl's hand and maybe a few kisses. And in the dining room, when you are in high school and probably had a girlfriend or boyfriend so you could sit opposite of each other, yet you probably did not eat much due to leg playing under the tables! In the 1960's, there was a fad of drive-in theaters around the country. Most of them were so excited to go despite the resistance from their parents! Why again??? Of course the girl and boy would sit together in the car and put your arm on your girlfriend's shoulder, they should watch the movie to get their money's worthwhile and well spent. Yet, I am sure that many know what they were doing in the car. That's why many parents are very nervous about letting us go to the drive-in theaters with their dates. Anything can happen in the car because there was only one girl and one boy in a car and nobody else could see what they were doing in the car. Full of steamy and hot air that caused foggy in the car!!!



This Month's Video

Irina, our event coordinator, shares the exciting updates of the #DeafChanukah event in this video!

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