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We had 28 of us celebrating Chanukah at Hana Niv's place on December 12th. First, a big thanks goes to Hana Niv for a job well done.

We served brunch which of course included the famous dairy dishes of potato lathes that Hana had made from scratch, pasta salad, green salad, fruit salad, mini jelly donuts, and Chanukah chocolate candy gelts. The table was decorated with kisses on color toothpicks which made them look like dreidels. Hana and Joshua Soudakoft lit the menorah, and told the story of Chanukah.

We had many new faces and guests as well. New faces were: Joanne & Stefan Garas, Charlotte & Sam Kadin, Bill Parker, Jeff Beck, Bruce Gross, Barbara Boyd, Brad Cohen, Alan 'Spo' Schwartz, Mark Friedman, Todd Bader, Alex Smirnoff and guests were Monica Schuster, Scott Johnson, Bob Miller, & Jeremy Holtz. Welcome all and hope you all enjoyed yourselves and see you at future events.

Sharon gave out a quiz, there were five questions:

  1. What is the Hebrew meaning of Chanukah?

  2. What is the Hebrew meaning of Shammash?

  3. What are the 4 letters on the dreidels?

  4. What does the 4 letters represent?

  5. What does the complete phrase of the 4 Hebrew words mean?

Brad Cohen & Jeff Dichter tied the game. They were given extra questions to break the tie: What day does Chanukah always fall on the Jewish Calendars (25th of Kislev) The next extra question was: how many days do they celebrate Chanukah in Israel? (8) Brad Cohen won. Congrats!

See answers on page 3 (Memorize so you can win a prize for next year.)



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