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Letters to the Editor

I was overwhelmed with the unexpected response for the "Deaf Holocaust Experiences" panel on May 22nd. It was a successful program with 115 participants, and interestingly, there were more non-Jewish than Jewish participants. We have videotaped it to preserve as deaf history for the future generations.

Thanks to the following people: Francine Stern and Koli Cutler for a job well done voice interpreting, Jeff Dichter and Eric Scheir for running the program smoothly, volunteers Shula Dichter, Mitch Kurs, Lisa Malmeth, Hana Niv, Adam Novsam, Rick Rogers, David Rosenbaum and David Soudakoff, and to interpreters who helped out with deaf and blind participants.

A big thanks to the Museum of Tolerance for making the event possible by giving us space and Lissa Kane and Michael Lezak for their patience.

Many participants wanted to take a tour to the Museum of Tolerance afterwards. I am now working on getting an interpreted tour in October and hope to include deaf people's experiences during the Holocaust in an exhibition the third floor after the tour. More details will be announced in the next issue.

We had two very exceeding lectures, thanks to Rabbi Yale Butler and Rabbi Bentzion Kravitz who took the time. Thanks to Dina Dror for writing the article on Rabbi Yale Butler's lecture. Rabbi Kravitz's article will be printed in the next issue. We have these two lectures on videotape as well.

Panelists at Deaf Holocaust Experiences
L to R: Henry Dunai, Charlotte Friedman, Rose Feld Rosman, Marion Intrator, Hetty & Ira Rothenberg

Eric Scheirior (MC) & Jeff Dichter (Moderator)

The International Kosher Mexican Night has been charged to June 12th so there is still time to send in your reservations and payment by June 5th.

We will have Lecture, Part 2 with Rabbi Yale Butler on "What Is Kosher and Why Keep It?" sometime in the fall.

We have very exciting news to share with you: JDCC, and the Southern California Recreation Association of the Deaf - L.A. Chapter will co-host a Murder Mystery Night on New Years Eve at the Crystal Room in Whittier. It will be a lot of fun and DID YOU DO IT? Come and join us all to say good bye to 1994 and wake up in 1995.

A reminder, June 12 will be the last event until we meet for Yom Kippur services. So wishing you all a fun and cool summer!


This Month's Video

Announcing Mozzeria as CSD SVF Business Partner

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