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Kosher & Non-Kosher Thai Food

What is the difference between kosher and treif (non-kosher) Thai food? The popular and well known dishes are, Pad Thai which comes with shrimp, squid salad, sweet and sour pork and BBQ ribs which are made out of pork. We do not eat shrimp, lobster, scallops, squid, oyster, lard, ham or pork (wonton) dishes because these animals are not kosher.

By the way, you probably think coconut milk soup which is a very popular soup dish is made out of milk but it isn't!!! It is the juice of a coconut which is a fruit so it is pareve, can be eaten with milk or meat.

They have Pad Thai with a choice of chicken or beef. There are a lot of chicken, beef and vegetable dishes that you can pick from the menu.

A Touch of Thai

There is a Kosher Thai restaurant in Beverly Hills on Olympic and LaPeer called, "A Touch of Thai." It is owned by Edmond and Peggy Guenoun. They opened in May of 1993 right after Passover. Edmond explains that he opened a Kosher Thai restaurant because Thai cuisine in the last few years was becoming very popular among the yuppie crowd and the .30" something - that was and still is his marketing objective.. Besides, being the only kosher Thai restaurant in the U.S.A. was an added incentive!

International Thai Dinner in the Sukkah


We are having an international kosher buffet-style dinner, social gathering and fund raising event in the Sukkah. The theme will be Thai. It will be held on September 24th, Saturday evening at 8:00 p.m at the Soudakoffs. Come and experience eating in the Sukkah! (Of course it's outdoors!)

Admission is $13.00 per person. RSVP is required by September 18th. (Non-refundable) Call 310/ 202-0033 TDD or FAX 310/202-0035.


To Shmuel & Vickie Dror for their generous donation.


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