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Letters to the Editor

A quite number of exciting news to share. First, I attended the National Congress of Jewish Deaf's convention in Toronto, Canada last August 10-14th. I am pleased to announce that J. D.C.C. is now an affiliate member of the National Congress of Jewish Deaf. This is a big step forward because we can be recognized and get national support. We now can send a delegate representative to future board meetings as well as the NCJD Convention in Chicago, IL on July 28-August 3, 1996.

Secondly, this issue is being mailed at last out via bulk permit as we are now recognized as an tax exemption organization.

Thirdly, I am pleased to announce that dear friend, Rabbi Rebecca Dubowe will be our guest speaker on January 23rd, Monday evening. She is an Assistant Rabbi at Anshe Emeth Temple, a congregation of 700 hearing families in New Brunswick, N.J. For those that do not know her, she is originally from Los Angeles, and the first deaf woman to be ordained as a rabbi. Rabbi Rebecca graduated from Hebrew Union College, a Reform Rabbinical College. She is married to Michael Dubowe, and they have two daughters, Rachel and Arielle.

Letter to the Editor

To JDCC, Sharon Soudakoff. My warm congratulations to you on your election as president of NCJD. With your brilliant background and long record of fine achievements, I am sure NCJD will be a great success. My best wishes to you!

Alla Khodos


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Announcing Mozzeria as CSD SVF Business Partner

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