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Teen Havurah Sponsors Fund-ralsing Activity

Los Angeles Teen Havurah held a fund-raising activity on October 30th. They participated in making a movie at the Sports Arena in Los Angeles.

Accompanied by their counselors, Lauren Abbott and Eric Posner, as well as a host of friends, the teens joined 10,000 other people to be part of the crowd featured in the movie, untitled romantic, comedy, set in the basketball world.

Perhaps the highlights of the day were getting to shake hands with Billy Crystal and collect autographs. The teens especially enjoyed seeing the Laker basketball players.

Then on December 3-4, they had their annual Chanukah party. They joined the CSUN team of deaf students decorating the Kodak feat for the 1995 Rose Parade. The float is a giant mother leopard with two baby kittens. Perhaps the highlight for the teens was climbing the scaffolding to decorate jungle flowers and the mama leopard 12-15 feet off the ground.

Then the teens went to Brad Cohen's home for their first anniversary party with their counselors. They planned activities for the next six months.

After a sleepover - which wasn't really much of a Sleep-over because the teens were awake till the wee hours of the morning - they joined JDCC for their Chanukah party.

So it was a very busy and productive weekend for the Los Angeles Teen Havurah.

From all the teens in the NCJD/JDCC Teen Havurah: Happy Hanukkah and Happy New 1995!

Call Eric Posner at 8181701-9059 TDD if you are interested in the JDCC - Los Angeles Teen Havurah.

My Jewish Discovery Museum

We had twenty-three of us having a ball learning about our Jewish identity and as heritage. It was a real treat. The kids had the opportunity to dress up as a captain, be a pilot to fly to Israel, dress up as a bride, go to Temple and open the ark or get on the bimah, a quiz on Judaism, map of Israel in a sandbox like and move boats along the ocean.They also had an art project making a mezuzah, (the thing you have on all doors that has the portion of the Bible inside it) and create your own coloring then write a personal message to insert inside the mezuzah, then glued a stick on back so we can nail to the doorpost. Thanks to Sherri Kadovitz, Museum Director for making this tour possible.
Make a Face
Justin & Hetty Rothenberg

Captain Joshua Ari Soudakoff
EL AL - Flying to Israel from LAX

Getting Ready For Shabbat
Rebecca Lovitch

Here Comes the Bride
Marb Lovitch

Map of Israel
Michael Adam Soudakoff

Chanukah Brunch

It was a big success with fifty attendees. Thanks to Susan Margolin for letting us use her recreation room. Unfortunately Susan was sick, so big thanks goes to volunteers, Patti Goulston for handling the Gift Exchange and Deafparty games which Susan prepared, Eric Posner who helped Patti out with Deafparty, Hana Niv & Jay Malmeth for making homemade potato lathes, Alla Khodos who helped out in the kitchen and Andrea Kurs who made the fruit salad. Thanks to the people who donated the food expenses. A beautiful flyer, light blue paper with a gold menorah for this event with a response tear-cut form was sent.

1994 Chanukah Party
Hana Niv & Alla Khodos

Eric Posner - Deafpardy

Deafpardy Team

International Kosher Dinner

We had the honor of having Barbara Bernstein from Seattle, Washington join us. We were originally scheduled to have Thai; however, the Guenouns have not opened their new restaurant at this time so we had a delicious Chinese dinner from Chick'N Chow.

Barbara Bernstein and Marie Lubman

There were fifteen of us eating fried wontons (of course no pork!), vegetable eggroll, chicken teriyaki, orange chicken, egg drop with chicken soup, vegetable chow main, moo shu chicken with pancakes, steamed chicken with snow peas, rice and fortune cookies. Thanks to the owner, Darren Melamed for making this event possible.

The next International Kosher Dinner will be on February 4th, Saturday night at 7:00 P.M. The theme will be Moroccan. $18.00 per person. Deadline is January 29th.


This Month's Video

Irina, our event coordinator, shares the exciting updates of the #DeafChanukah event in this video!

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