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Keeping Kosher for Passover

We have a wonderful opportunity to learn which products are kosher this year! Since Passover products change every year, JDCC has arranged a wonderful oppportunity to go Passover food shopping at Hughes Family Market this year. Some companies may decide not to renew their kosher certification, and still print the Kosher symbol; it can mislead consumers who do not keep in touch with their local kosher organization.

A good example is marshmallows. For many years, there were no kosher marshmallows, but every Passover the market shelves featured marshmallows Kosher for Passover" with a K as certification. These were not kosher for any time of the year as they are made with gelatin from non-kosher animals. Since they are a nice go to give the hostess, be sure that the certification is by a reliable Kosher organization.

Some kosher wines and foods, even some matzohs (egg, onion) are not kosher during Passover. Don't be misled when you see P on the label which means Passover; it never designates Pareve. Pareve is spelled out in full.

Kosher restaurants and bakeries are closed for the whole week of Passover. These places may offer Passover meals; if so, they have to close their all-year round kitchen and use a separate kitchen, utensils, dishes, etc., to be able to serve their customers during Passover. Some bakeries open at another site just for one week to sell Passover goods.

The caterer for our JDCC Community Seder, Edmond Guenoun, will be offering lunch and dinners during Passover at Beth Jacob Congregation. You can go there and experience a Passover meal with friends!

Many religious families choose to go away for the whole week and join a Passover program that is available all over the world, even on a cruise, Hawaii, and of course, Israel. This gives them a rewarding experience to meet people from all over the world. Of course, there are many families who like to stay home and prepare the Seders for their relatives and friends.

Thanks to Rabbi Alan Kalinsky, Director of the West Coast Orthodox Union for making this event possible for the Jewish deaf community. So wake up early on Sunday, April 2, and learn more at the tour!

International Kosher Moroccan Dinner

Joshua Soudakoff, Sharon Ann Soudakoff,
Hana Niv.


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