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JDCC Goals:

We request financial contributions to expand our programs.

We would like to be able to host a Community Seder at a very low nominal charge. As we are accustomed to being invited over to families or friends for Seders. We would like to be able to sponsor a Seder, and have it open to all interested Jewish deaf participants.

To provide religious services that are accessible and meets the needs of deaf and hard of hearing persons. Offering day care at no charge would enable deaf parents to participate during services without having to leave their children at home and miss such opportunities.

To provide deaf persons with access to lectures, workshops, and retreat programs related to Judaism through use of sign language interpreters. Funding is needed for each lecture, minimum of 2 hours cost $70.00 per lecture. We would like to make the lectures free of charge to attract more people.

Continue and expand this publication providing relevant information to the deaf and hard of hearing persons such as programs where an interpreter will be provided, or having activities in sign language.

Thank You For Your Contributions!

  • Susan Margolin: In honor of Marie & Jeff Lubman being new parents of an adopted daughter, Nadja
  • Susan Margolin: In memory of Marvin Greenstone
  • Koll Cutler: In memory of Joseph Isack
  • Abraham & Sue Gottfleld: In honor of JDCC
  • Harold Levy: In honor of Mark A. Weiss and Sherri L. Robinson's Wedding
  • Sarl Pink: In appreciation of Koli Cutler's interpreting work on the Jewish History bus tour
  • Ruth & Percy Morris: In memory of our uncle Alfred Geller 1916-1995
  • Alice, Mitch, David & Liz Kurs: In memory of Shirley Kurs
  • David Polsky: In honor of JDCC


This Month's Video

Published on Jul 7, 2017Emily Frances of i24 News "Trending"- in depth interview with deaf Oscar winner Marlee...

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