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First Community Seder

The first annual JDCC Community Seder was a pleasant event. Sixty-seven adults, five teens, eleven children and one infant attended the Seder at Beth Jacob Congregation.

A big thanks to the leaders of each table who did a great job leading their Seder!

A beautiful amethyst Haggadah was used. Barbara Boyd, Shelley Cohen and Denise Sidansky were the editors.They did a nice job on it.

A theme was assigned for each table: Afikomen, Russian Haggadah, Four Cups, Ten Plaques, Four Questions, Elijah, Seder Plate, Dayenu, and Had Gadyo.




L-R: Ken Goulston, Mark Friedman, lra Rothenberg,
Heidi Zimmer, Roni Perlut, Diana/Abraham Prioleau




L-R: Lori Kageyama, Shelley/Jena/Johanna Goul,
Lena/MarkCorson, Elliot/Judi Fromberg, Chanda Winesburg


Passover Shopping Tour

The Passover Shopping Tour at Hughes Market was fun. Fifteen of us were brave to get up early after losing an hour of sleep due to the new time change!

Rabbi Alan Kalinsky, West Coast Director of NCSY did an excellent job leading the tour. We learned a lot about this years Passover products. A big thanks to Dave Woof, Vice President of Deli Operations; Jerry Gitmed, Store Manager; and the Hughes Family Markets for making this event possible.

After the tour, we were invited to go to the basement where kosher refreshments were served and a free raffle drawing was presented. Ruth Morris was the lucky winner and got a fifteen pound Empire Turkey!

Jewish History Bus Tour

The bus tour was a mind blower! What a wealthy history! In 1850, according to the first United States statistics in Los Angeles, there was only eight young Jewish immigrants which happened to live in the same building and the Jewish population has increased to over 700,000 people since then!
Bus Tour of Jewish L.A. History

Back Row: L-R: Tour Guide Jerry Freedman, Jay Malmeth, Hana Niv,

Susan Margolin, David Rosenbaum, Ruth & Morris Beesen,
Judi Fromberg, Ruth Morris, Helen Inga

Front Row: L-R: Bus Driver, Koli Cutler, Mark Friedman, Sharon Soudakoff,

Sari Pink, David Soudakoff, Elliott Fromberg

We visited Boyle Heights and saw the first and only Temple, the Breed Street Shul on Breed Street. It was an Orthodox Jewish community. This Temple closed in 1992 after failing to get a minyan to continue services. The Rabbi had a permit to demolish the building but was blocked by the Jewish Historical Society who fought against it and won the battle to preserve it as a landmark building, being the only Temple in Boyle Heights. There used to be over one hundred kosher restaurants with Yiddish and Hebrew signs everywhere along Brooklyn Avenue. We saw Canter's Deli's original site on Brooklyn Avenue, before they moved to their current site on Fairfax Avenue in 1948.



This Month's Video

Announcing Mozzeria as CSD SVF Business Partner

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