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Important Jewish Holidays Lecture

Rabbi Rebecca Dubowe's lecture on "Guess which holidays are important?" was very beneficial.

She explained that the Jewish calendar is based on the lunar cycle (the moon). A Jewish month has 29 or 30 days. When a month has 30 days, the 30th day is the first of the new month called, "Rosh Chodesh". Some months always have 29 days, some are sometimes 29 or 30 depending on the type of year it is in the Jewish cycle, and some always have 30 days. The solar calendar (or the civil) calendar is also important to follow, as it lets us know when the holidays are supposed to be. A regular lunar year has approximately 354 days while a solar year has 365 days with an extra day added every four years.

In the Jewish calendar, there are seven leap years in 19 years which we add an extra month called, "Adar Sheni" or the "Second Adar" which make up the difference of the two calendars. This year, 5755 is a leap year.

The Jewish day begins at night fall and lasts for approximately 24 hours. The Civil day begins at midnight. This is why the Jewish Shabbat and holidays begin 18 minutes before sunset so that we are already prepared for them. The Shabbat and holidays end when there are three stars in the sky.



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