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The New JDCC News Look

To celebrate the Jewish NewYear, JDCC News has a new face lift. We also now have our own logo!

Lisa Moore won the JDCC logo contest and will receive $50. I want to thank our other contestants for their efforts!


Deaf Jews In Sports

A Jewish Goalie For A Professional Arab Team
Miki Dahan

imageEditor's Note: This is my first column in your newsletter. I hope you will enjoy reading my future columns on deaf Jews in Sports. I am proud to become a new staff member of JDCC.

A Jewish goalie for an Arab team in the professional Israeli soccer league! Impossible? Well, it happened in the 1994 season so do read on!

Miki Dahan, 26, has been a pro soccer goalie since late eighties and he is well known among soccer mad Israeli fans. There are always several Israeli premier division teams as well as several foreign professional teams, especially in Italy, that try to obtain his goaltending services. And as a result he's often being "shopped around" during the off-season. His quick set of reflexes is what made him standout as compared to other ordinary goalies.


Happy New Year 5756

Creative services has become a popular trend among synagogues throughout the country, especially on the West. Concerned about the increasing rate of intermarriages, and because the younger generation of Jewish people are less knowledgeable about Judaism and rituals, more temples are conducting what is now being called, 'creative services.'

JDCC was not able to find a rabbi to conduct this year's High Holiday services in sign language. So when JDCC supporter Ira Rothenberg suggested explaining history, meanings and rituals during JDCC services, JDCC decided to lead Creative Services for this years Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.

And guess what happened? JDCC now has their own "Three Wise Men': Jeff Lubman, Steven Merkin and Ira Rothenberg led both Creative Services which enlightened JDCC participants. Boy, did we learn a lot! And we enjoyed it as well. Traditions . . . prayers, rituals and symbolism suddenly became more understandable, as well as surprising!



This Month's Video

Announcing Mozzeria as CSD SVF Business Partner

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