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Letters to the Editor

Hi there,

Would like to mention something that was not on the list of those who met at NCJD convention - Leslie and I met at the NCJD convention in 1966 in Cleveland, Ohio and got married 3 years later (1969). What's more? We went back to Cleveland last summer as part of our trip back east - WOW a lot of changes there - 29 years later! Have nice holidays!!!

Paul Levenson
Granada Hills, CA

Dear Sharon,

Best wishes for 1996 and a special thank you for sending me the two latest copies of JDCC News. l have enjoyed reading them and have reamed a great deal about the community and your activities. l applaud you for an outstanding publication.

Sophie T. Fnedlander
Gulfport, Florida

Dear Sharon Dror Soudakoff, JDCC Editor:

Thank you for the copy of your JEWISH DEAF TRIVIA book. You did a magnificent job on this! But, you are doing a big MITZVA by creating the JDCC and its comprehensive and much-needed program for the deaf Jews in you area. Keep up your superb job!

I carefully reviewed the story on Vyacheslav Skomorokhov by Mr. Strassler in the Deaf Jews Sports Column, JDCC News #19 Nov/Dec Issue. l wholeheartedly applaud the work and writing of Mr. Strassler in many different publications, but I feel that some info and facts on the Skomorokhov story must be straightened out.


there is no such event in the WGD like the men's 100 meter hurdles;

Skomorokhov was an intelligent and well-known individual in both hearing and deaf world in the ex-USSR, he did not associate himself with the so-called "sleazy peoples" as Mr. Strassler wrote;

Where and how did Mr. Strassler get info that Skomorokhov was "assassinated"?

Mr. Strassler incorrectly describes the events that led to Skomorokhov's decision not to run in the 400 meter hurdles race at the 1977 WGD. Did Mr. Strassler ever witness the 1977 WGD by himself and did he ever meet and interview that famed deaf hurdler?

I hope your publication will take the above comments of mine and I wish Mr. Strassler all the best in continuing his unique work on the outstanding deaf Jewish athletes stories in the future. Shalom.

Rafael Pinchas
New York

Editor's Note: Jewish Deaf Trivia is still available for sake. It was printed by the National Congress of Jewish Deaf in 1988. Contact NCJD Executive Secretary, Judy Slomovk Gunter, 33 South Landing Rd. Rochester, New York 14610.


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