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A Youthful Trip to Israel

While waiting at Paris De Gaulle Airport at 3 am for my delayed El Al flight, I met a woman from Jerusalem. She communicated with me using paper and pen. I even met an Orthodox rabbi via paper and pen... the problem was that... he only knew French and Hebrew while I only knew English. Naturally I tried to introduce myself to him by writing my Hebrew name in Hebrew.

He pondered for a few seconds and then smiled and shook my hands.

L-R: Jimmy, Bert, Shermay & Erick


Deaf Jews In Sports

fencerOlympic Gold Medallet Fencer
Ildiko Uslaki Rejto

The deaf in the sport of fencing? Yes, even though It is not a recognized sport by the American Athletic Association of the Deaf or played in the World Games for the Deaf. Yet there is a number of deaf fencers that have excelled in this sport

image One of them is Ildiko Rejto. And while chances are high that no one has overheard of her, it is very easily claimed that she is the world's greatest deaf fencer. And she is a Jew, and a resident of Hungary. She is an unknown to the sports public only because fencing is not exactly a popular sport in the USA. But among followers in the small world of fencing she is an icon.

How good was Rejto? Well, she participated in five Olympics - 1960 in Rome; 1964 in Tokyo; 1968 in Mexico City; 1972 in Munich and 1976 in Montreal. Most Olympians compete in just one or two Olympics, but Rejto competed in FIVE, which in itself, is an amazing feat. We are talking about a 16-year span; meaning she took first competed in 1960 as a young lady and closed out in 1976 as a mature woman, winding down her fencing career, but doing much honor to her nation that values culture.



Jewish Deaf Art Gallery


B'nai B'rith Philatelic has been doing First Day Covers for almost all U.S. stamps and associate a Jewish theme to the stamp being issued, and when it came to the Deaf stamps in 1983 and 1993, this is where Kenneth Rothschild helped them with the Deaf connection.

Frederick C. Schrelber
First Day Cover of Thomas H. Gallaudet's 20-cent stamp was released on June 10, 1983 with cachet design honoring Frederick C. Schreiber (1922-1979).





This Month's Video

Announcing Mozzeria as CSD SVF Business Partner

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