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Who Are HSD Students?

The last issue of JDCC News (Issue #23) had a feature article on the Hebrew Seminary of the Deaf in Skokie, Illinois who currently has seven students enrolled, of which three are deaf. In this issue, these seven HSD students share their insights into Judaism, their studies and future plans.

Deaf Female Educator On Judaism
image Kelly Fleming, 23, has completed two years of studies and received a Teaching Certificate from HSD. She is currently looking for employment.

Fleming, who was born deaf, hails from Guelph, Ontario, Canada. She explains that she was attending Gallaudet University when Rabbi Goldhamer came to visit. "I had already planned to join the consortium of universities to major in Judaism," she says, "When Rabbi came, I decided to apply to HSD and came to visit. I really liked what I saw when I went to HSD. I liked the idea of Jewish Deaf education and being able to work inside the Jewish Deaf community after graduation."


Deaf Jews In Sports

image Baseball player Brad Cohen would remind grandstand observers of the way baseball was played in the old days.

Brad, a senior at California School for the Deaf - Riverside, is a stand out baseball player on the school team. As the team's second baseman, he hit .520 and .378 in the past two seasons, twice achieving Silent News Deaf Baseball All-American honors.

There is much more to baseball than just posting up gaudy batting stats, and Brad knows it. He absorbed all the baseball lessons he could from his father, Lou, an avid baseball fan, and an involved parent. Because Brad is short in size, he had to outperform bigger players in intangibles that do not show up in the box scores - stealing, sliding, bunting, throwing to the right base, backing up other infielders, hitting into the holes, etc. In other words, getting the uniform dirty.


Jewish Deaf Art Gallery

HI COLLECTIONS was formed in 1987. It stands for HlIbok and RothscHIld - the only two common letters in this HI quality partnership. The purpose of this concept is to help and encourage people to become familiar with Deaf Culture through Deaf-related collectibles.

Items such as World-wide HI quality Deaf-related philatelic (stamps), numismatic (coins and paper money), figurines, art prints and other collectibles are in our ever-changing inventory.



This Month's Video

Announcing Mozzeria as CSD SVF Business Partner

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