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Deaf Jew in the Jewish Community

This was the topic during group discussion at JDCC's Rosh Hashana Services .

After reading an interesting article by Alexander Fleischman in the book, "The Deaf Jew in the Modern World." I felt it would be a good issue to about the problems we face in the Jewish hearing community.


Celebrating Shabbat With New Eyes

image Before crowded rows of flirting singles, young families and Upper West Side seniors, Marla Berkowitz, 31, bravely approached the podium at Congregation B'nai Jeshurun's first signed Shabbat service last Friday.

"I am here to tell you that God has big plans for me," Marla Berkowitz signed to on the West End Avenue congregation while Naomi Brunn translated.

"I stand here tonight, knowing that I am different because I am deaf," said Berkowitz, president of the Manhattan Young Adult Jewish Deaf Group (MYAJD). "I communicate in ASL (American Sign Language) and I identify strongly with deaf culture. But that in and of itself, is not a reason for me to be separated as a Jew. I am so proud to be a Jew who is deaf.


Deaf Jews In Sports

Lee Brody
Athletic Prowess Is A Best Kept Secret


Lee Brody is best known for his pioneering efforts in the world of TTYs and telecommunications. His non-profit company, Phone-TTY, Inc. located in New Jersey, first came up with the world's lowest cost TTY modem for Model 15, 28 and 32 machines. Then his company came up with an extensive line of assistive devices -- doorbell and phone ringing lights., wake up devices, baby cry lights, etc. And now, while he sells portable TTY's and telecaption decoders, he is pushing hard for computer literacy among deaf TTY users. Actually his list of accomplishments is too long to be concised in this column.


Jewish Deaf Profile

Louis J. Schwarz
The Bowtie Man Makes An Impact

image There is no need for Louis J. Schwarz, Rockville, MD to introduce himself to his friends in the local community. His patented trademark - the bowtie - precedes him in making pre-introduction opportunities.

Speaking of his bowtie, he did throw friends off one day when he appeared at a recent event by wearing a necktie! "Change of pace," he said.



This Month's Video

Announcing Mozzeria as CSD SVF Business Partner

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