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Conflict With Yom Kippur Weekend!

Groups continue to schedule their events to conflict with High Holidays. Yom Kippur is on October 10 Friday evening to October 11th Saturday night. The latest culprit: Northern California Recreation Assoc. of the Deaf hosts the 11th WRAD-USA Convention in San Leandro, CA and the California Chapter of American Sign Language Teachers Association (ASLTA)'s 2nd Biennial Statewide Conference at Stanford University.

Sunday School For Deaf

Marcia Goldberg is one of the founders of Shema v'Ezer, a Sunday school in Washington, D.C. for children with special needs including Deaf children. "We thought that a special Sunday school would be a nice experience, and it would give us two free, quiet hours on Sunday mornings," one mother says. In the 'Los Angeles Jewish Times' article on Shema v'Ezer, Goldberg is quoted as explaining that Deaf children might not be able to learn the tune for chanting their haftorahs (reading of the Torah), but they can learn to use the trope (cantillation marks) to help them say the verses with the right phrasing. Compared to English, Hebrew is easy for deaf people to read aloud, because the letters and vowels are pronounced the same way in every word. Only the "ch" sound is hard to teach.

Group Opposes Deaf Messianic Conference

Protestors are upset about a second Deaf Messianic Jews (DMJ) conference that will take place during the Messiah '97 conference, a four-day event to take place in July at Messiah College in Grantham, PA. Rev. Sigmund Epstein and DMJ president Joe Cohn are the key people organizing the Deaf gathering. Robin Polin of Tulsa, OK is reportedly trying to expand the ministry and she is said to have contacted a Jewish outreach worker, a Jewish teacher, and three Messianic Jewish rabbis who are all hearing-impaired. Among the topics discussed at the first DMJ conference that was held at the Kellogg Conference Center at Gallaudet University last year, ten people tried to disrupt the event which had, among its topics and workshops: the Jewish Feasts, 'How to Win Jews to Messiah', anti-Semitism, and 'The Deaf Hear - At Last' presented by Rev. Robert Nathan of Fort Wayne, IN based on Isaiah 29.19.

New Funding for Hearing Impaired Students

The Rosslyn & Katherine Gaines Loan Fund for Hearing Impaired Students has been established to assist hearing impaired students with the cost of books, partial tuition, insurance and living expenses pending receipt of scholarships and grants. This loan is non-sectarian and is interest free. Students who are enrolled in full time study in either undergraduate or graduate programs may apply. The Jewish Free Loan Association offers interest free loans to individuals or families whose needs are urgent, and who may or may not qualify through normal financial resources, The concept of loans instead of charity fills an important gap in our social system. It affirms the deeds of philanthropists to give the gift of dignity and independence. Call 213/655-6922 Voice for more information.


This Month's Video

Irina, our event coordinator, shares the exciting updates of the #DeafChanukah event in this video!

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