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Jewish Funeral and Mourning Customs

Jewish Funeral Customs

I have been to funerals for family members and friends who passed away. All funerals have different procedures depending on the deceased persons religion and desires. Each religion has its own customs. When my mother passed away recently, I became aware of my friends wanting to pay respect but felt awkward as to what customs and procedures were being used. Several readers suggested that an article be written in JDCC News on these customs and what readers need to be aware of.

Photo: Hebrew Association of the Deaf, New York


Deaf Jews In Sports

Finally Hangs It Up For Good In The Pool

The silver medal Reed Gershwind picked up in water polo at the recently completed World Games for the Deaf at Copenhagen is the last one he will pick up. The Copenhagen Games has become his swan song in the deaf aquatics sports world. Not out of sports, though, but out of competition, as Reed as aspires to become an athletic administrator, more likely with the American Athletic Association of the Deaf.


Jewish Deaf Profile

Kenneth Rothschild
Successfully Shifts Career Gears

A cat has nine lives; Kenneth Rothschild is not a cat but perhaps he has nine lives, owing to his powers of resiliency and perseverance. He worked for IBM, rising to the level of staff programmer, planning to spend his entire professional career at the Big Blue, the bastion of lifetime security. Unfortunately he was asked to take early retirement after being on the job for nearly 24 years.

It is not easy for a middle aged person, especially a deaf person to shift career gears, but Kenneth persevered. After leaving IBM he became an outreach manager for the New York Relay Service, supposedly another secure job since the TTY relay industry has become a permanent niche in the deaf community. But like with IBM a corporate downsizing move took place and Kenneth was let go. Still landing on his feet, he landed a position as a substitute teacher at the New York School for the Deaf - in essence three different employment scenarios within a time span, albeit a short one. Corporate, deaf consumer service, a deaf education setting, Kenneth has tasted and seen them all!


Interpreter’s Corner

interp Kesher Family Camp
At the end of June, I participated in a wonderful camp program at Camp Ramah in the Poconos (PA). Kesher Family Camp is open to all families (deaf and hearing) who are raising deaf children. It lasted for five days. There were 12 families who attended. There were 9 staff, including 3 educators, 1 counselor, 1 intern, 3 interpreters, and myself (as interim director). Everyone had a great time and learned a lot. If you know any families raising deaf children who might be interested in such a program for next summer, please contact me and I can provide you with additional information.



This Month's Video

Announcing Mozzeria as CSD SVF Business Partner

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