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Letters to the Editor

A Message From The Editor
We hope that you all enjoyed your High Holidays. I want to thank Jeff Lubman once again for doing such a great job with our JDCC services at CSUN. Also thanks to Marlee Matlin Grandalski, David Rosenbaum, Eric Brody, Charles Katz and Barry Fischthal for their hard work, and Helga Borinstein and Scott Shelp who offered to help out with the interpreting.

As of January first, in order to reach out to more prospective readers in the Jewish Deaf community, JDCC will no longer mail free copies of JDCC News to residents in Southern California. If you enjoy reading JDCC News, please send in your contribution today to avoid missing future issues as mailings will switch from area to area every issue to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to get to know us. If you want to subscribe to JDCC News, please send a contribution of $12.00 a year for six issues (form is on page 13). JDCC News now accepts subscriptions out side the U.S. at $24.00 a year for six issues in U.S. funds.



This Month's Video

Announcing Mozzeria as CSD SVF Business Partner

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