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There is an international organization called the 'World Organization of Jewish Deaf' (WOJD). For those of you who may not have heard of this organization, WOJD was founded in 1977. The current officers are: David Jackson of United Kingdom, President, Alan Hurwitz of USA as vice-president, Shlomo Waks of Israel as Secretary-General, and Chaim Apter of Israel as Treasurer. For information, contact President Jackson via email at eddnj @ssa.bris.ac.uk or fax to 44-117-908-0591.

Shema Design

shema-1 Jackie Olenick, a graphic Judaic designer, is now selling Judaict-shirts that incorporates the 'I Love You' symbol with Hebrew lettering. When asked how the idea came up, Olenick explains that she collaborated with Rabbi Daniel Grossman, who is hearing-impaired and leads a congregation in New Jersey. "Rabbi Danny also has developed many Jewish sign language symbols and is a Jewish educator and a great mentsch", Olenick says, he "asked me to think about designing something for the Jewish deaf community. Turning the 'shin' into the ILY symbol and using Shema as a symbol for the deaf community, as well as a symbol for anyone with disabilities, seemed like a perfect and appropriate match. l have very good friends with deaf children, and over the years have met many deaf Jews, so I was inspired to create something for your community".

Her design is available either as a 9 x 12" print with English wording "Listen To Your Heart" which includes a double mat. "Most of my work can be viewed on my website at http://www.cybershuk.com The shirts are available in long and short sleeves for kids and adults but are in limited quantities."

Olenick is offering JDCC News readers a special rate. If you identify yourself as a JDCC News reader during January or February, the shirt costs $15 plus $4 shipping each with short sleeves. The framed print will be $30 plus $8 shipping each. You can order it by sending an e-mail message to olenick~cybershuk.com with your name, phone number, shipping address, the items that you want to order, your e-mail address and either the MasterCard or VISA account number and expiration date for payment.

"I am working on another design which incorporates the ILY symbol as part of the overall design - the Four Worlds of Peace", Olenick adds.

HAD Celebrates 90th Anniversary

The Hebrew Association of the Deaf, inc. (HAD) in Philadelphia celebrated its 90th Anniversary with a Banquet held on October 19th. Among the numerous awards given was a 'Honorary Membership' award presented by HAD president Hyman Lakin to Joseph Fischgrund, headmaster of the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf. The first Raoul Wallenberg Award was awarded to Rev. Dr. Roger Pickering for his support to HAD. He assisted in developing the HAD Educational Series Program. The HAD Hall of Fame Awards went to Robert Katz in the religion category and Dr. Jay Basch in the profession category. The entire Banquet was in honor of Anna Pollack, HAD's longest-living member (65 years!). Anna Pollack, now 85 years old, also attended the Banquet. She was surprised and thrilled to receive a brass clock award and the Banquet program book was also dedicated in her honor. Believe it or not, HAD already has formed the 95th Anniversary Banquet Committee which is coordinating a HAD Dinner & Social fundraiser on January 18th and a Valentine Dinner & Social on February 14th! Both events will be held at the Rose Olanoff Community Center in Philadelphia.

Ambulance Stations To Have FAX For Deaf

fax-1 Jerusalem Post has reported that the Israel Health Ministry will finance purchase of fax machines for all Magen David Adom ambulance stations so the deaf can call for help. "Health Minister Yeshoshua Matza decided to spend the NIS 50,000 for this at the request of an association for the hearing impaired, which said many deaf people have fax machines to communicate with others, but cannot call an ambulance due to the lack of fax machines in MDA stations."


This Month's Video

Announcing Mozzeria as CSD SVF Business Partner

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