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Getting Married The Jewish Way

Maybe you are planning on getting married? Ever wonder what traditions are involved in a Jewish wedding ceremony? Over thousands of years of Judaism, certain traditions and customs are still retained and some of the customs will be covered in this article.

Getting Married?
A wedding is always a time of joy. It represents a "new beginning for people." According to the Torah, a single person is considered a half a person until he or she gets married. Then the two single halves are joined and becoming like one person. It is a time of many preparations and coming together to build a new home and to raise another generation in the chain that has kept us a nation for the past 3,000 years.


Deaf Jews In Sports

Joe Worzel
Would Have Played In The NBA

One night in 1957 in a Manhattan gym, the youth fourteen to sixteen year old basketball team of the Hebrew Association of the Deaf (HAD) had a game against the HAD old timers. No one remembers who won the game (the much experienced Old Timers did) or even the score. But fans attending the game would remember one thing - that Joe Worzel, attired in street clothes and dress shoes, entered the game with just a few seconds remaining and let go a set shot from midcourt. The ball went swish for a perfect basket!


Jewish Deaf Profile

Budding Deaf Filmmaker Dawn Skwersky
dawn Filmmaking is a field that presents challenges for the deaf. Aspiring filmmaker Dawn Skwersky, Brookline, MA, does not duck the challenges.

Way back Dawn's parents did not realize she was deaf until she was four years old! And the doctors told the Shuersky parents that she must be kept in the Hearing" world. As a result Dawn grew up not knowing a single word of sign language. Two of her friends, however were deaf and learned sign language. Said Dawn "I didn't learn with them because I was taught that sign language is a last revert for those who are failures', or who can't succeed in school without it."


Young Adults Corner

Susan Margolin
marggolin Susan Margolin has resided in the Los Angeles area for more than eight years. She grew up on the east coast attending Clarke School for the Deaf in Massachusetts. She earned a B.A. in Business Administration from Rochester Institute of Technology and a Masters in Deaf Education at California State University Northridge. She now teaches four different subjects to Deaf and Hard of Hearing students in self-contained classes in a mainstreamed high school. She also teaches ASL to hearing students.



This Month's Video

Announcing Mozzeria as CSD SVF Business Partner

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