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Letters to the Editor

A Message From The Editor
JDCC welcomes aboard Eric Brody, a new member of our Board of Directors. Married to wife Jana and a resident of Santa Barbara. Eric has been a great supporter of JDCC and was one of the leaders of last year's Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur services. Unlike his deaf brother, David who attended a school of the deaf, NTID and Gallaudet, Eric himself was mainstreamed but in recent years has learned sign language. He is currently employed as a Computer Network Technologist for the Graduate Division at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

JDCC News also welcome Karen Rothschild on board. She will help with profiles on Jewish Deaf Business owners...

If you do not have a car, or can not drive in the dark to attend JDCC's Seder this year, please contact us. We do not want you to stay home alone just because you don't have a way joining us. Please get in touch with us so we can help coordinate transportation.

A big thanks to Rabbi Paula L. Reimers and members of Burbank Temple Emanu El, a Conservative Temple in Burbank, who has been generous in allowing us to host our fourth annual Community Seder at their temple this year. They have also allowed Edmond Guenoun of Elegant Catering, who did our Seder for the past three years at Beth Jacob Congregation, to do it again this year.

Liz Kurs, our Young Adults Corner staff writer, has left us to concentrate on her last year of High School as its her Senior year and her hands are quite full. She is also the Editor of her school's Newsletter. We want to thank her for the wonderful columns and we sure will miss you. We wish you the best of luck. If anyone is interested in doing this Young Adults Corner column, please contact us.

JDCC has a wish to make this month: we need a scanner for the Macintosh computer... is there anyone out there who can contribute or donate?
Dear Sharon,

Jewish Deaf Community Center is a fabulous and exciting addition to the Jewish world. Upon receiving the JDCC News, I was compelled to read the letter cover to cover, thus placing my current duties on the side burner. An exceptional staff of writers, contributors, and supporters make up the JDCC Team.
I would like to tell you a little about myself. Born and raised in Israel, I have two loving parents whom (love and adore. Included I have three wonderful brothers, whom have made my life all that more precious. I lived in South Africa for six years, where I studied poetry and literature. In the year 1986, my mishpocha and I moved to sunny San Diego, where I reside. Here I studied Theatrical Arts and Sign Language Interpreting. I am currently working at Deaf Community Services as a Sign Language Interpreter Scheduler and Dispatcher.

I would like to wish you Sharon, and the JDCC a successful new year filled with visits, laughter and love. Sincerely,

Dano Kaufmann San Diego, CA

Dear Sharon,

In your November/December Issue of the JDCC News on page 11, I read of your Jewish Interpreter Referral Network. I think this idea has possible merit, although I am a little concerned with the line at the bottom of the announcement which reads: NOTE: A contribution of $36 will place you on the top "priority list."

I understand the need of a non-profit organization to always be looking for a way to solicit donations, but in this particular instance I feel this can be a serious conflict of interests.

As a deaf person, I feel one of the main considerations when looking for an interpreter is their ability and professionalism. If someone pays you $36, to be put on a priority list, this has only to do with their ability to write you a check and it is very possible, their skills could be lacking. Since they have paid you to be put on this list, you would have to be true to your agreement, whether they are skilled or not, and refer them. This could have very negative repercussions on you and your organization as well as on the person to whom you referred the interpreter.

Unless you have a way of evaluating which interpreters are qualified, by some kind of a standard, you really open yourself up for problems. At the very least you should re-word your announcement or qualify it in such a way that you are not bound by agreement to refer those who send in the $36 donation.

Bess Hyman Sherman Oaks, CA

From the Editor: We appreciate your input and we have modified the announcement. (See page 17) Thanks.

Hi Sharon,

Your calendar will be very handy ... As soon as my mail came in, I opened and read your interesting newsletter first of all because I cannot WAIT!! Keep it up! Thanks again.

Sally Auerbach, Sunnyside, N. Y.

Thanks, JDCC News is an informative publication that also keeps us connected with each other. We're pleased to have it!

Marjorie Yablon, New Paltz, N. Y.


Your tireless efforts have and are paying off. It's always a pleasure to read the Newsletter. Your events, speakers, and activities are a welcome addition to our Jewish community. Thanks for all your hard work. Sincerely,

Roni Perlut
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Los Angeles, CA
p.s.-I'm still available for interpreting! (smile)

Dear Sharon,

I enjoy reading of J.D.C.C. as well as Congregation News of Temple Beth Solomon of the Deaf. Sincerely,

Roslyn Boxer Los Angeles, CA


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Announcing Mozzeria as CSD SVF Business Partner

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