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Letters to the Editor

A Message From The Editor

The other day, I was thinking and pondering about recent trends. We have heard about the wonderful things the hearing Jewish Community is doing to reach out to, and help other Jews. Chabad House, for example, has done a amazing job across the country and around the world doing so many projects that has had impact on world Jewry. The Jewish Community had a Shabbat Across America a few weeks ago.

Have they even considered Deaf Jewish people, a sub-minority within their own Jewish Community? How many temples provide interpreted Shabbat services? Is it because we are not interested in mainstreaming in their Temples or its too complicated to introduce ourselves? Whose responsibility is it - the hearing leaders, or ours?

Does the Jewish Community know that we exist? What do we really want them to do for us? We need to know what we want before we can even ask the Jewish community to help.



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Announcing Mozzeria as CSD SVF Business Partner

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