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Making Your Home Jewish!

jdcc-placeYou may have noticed when entering homes where Jewish people live a little mark on the outside frame of the front door. If you are Jewish, you should also have this mark which is called a 'mezuzah'.

What Is A Mezuzah?
A Mezuzah has been used over many generations and is one of the symbols of a Jewish home. A piece of hide from a kosher animal known as a 'parchment' has the Shema Prayer and the paragraph, Vehaya, "and it will be" written on it by a Jewish Sofer, (scribe). It is written with a quill - feather with a hole at the end dipped into ink.


Deaf Community Seders Across America

sedersKeneseth Israel, Philadelphia
Robert Katz reports that thirteen members of Philadelphia Hebrew Association of the Deaf (PHAD) and friends attended this year's annual Passover hosted by the Brotherhood of Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel in Elkins Park along with its hearing members. The Seder, held on the second night of Passover, was led by Rabbi Bradley and Cantor Gurney with Lore Rosenthal interpreting.


Deaf Jews In Sports

 Jaki Scheckter
Hits A Brick Wall In Auto Racing

Big time auto racing is a rich man's sport. It is also a closed world, not easily accessible to outsiders trying to get in. Said one racing fan, "It is possible to race cars as an expensive hobby. But to make a go out of it on a full time basis, big money is a must." And to get big money one must go out and get sponsors, a task which isn't easy.

Are there any deaf racers in auto racing? Yes, one is a racer in Northern California. Another one is a racer in South Dakota. Are there any deaf Jews in auto racing? Yes, there is one - Jaki Scheckter of South Africa, an oralist who does not use sign language.


Jewish Deaf Profile

Lance Fischer
Privy To Nation's Hidden Documents

lance Lance Fischer did not plan to become an archivist after he graduated from Gallaudet University in 1971. It just happened that way. And despite this unplanned beginning 27 years later he is still happily digging into secrets that has helped make USA grow into a vibrant nation.



This Month's Video

Announcing Mozzeria as CSD SVF Business Partner

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