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Sukkot Is Coming!

sukk2Sukkot is another important Jewish holiday coming up after Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. This holiday is a 'Season of our Rejoicing' where we "make sukkos" by spending time and eating meals in an outdoor "tent", the Sukkah, for seven days.

Sukkot will be held this year from Monday evening, October 5th to Sunday evening, October 11th.



Deaf Jews Sports


The Goodyear Silents Championship
Football Team Had A Jewish Fullback

The deaf community, at one time, boasted of their own championship semi-pro football team. It was the Goodyear Silents of Akron, OH that existed for 12 seasons from 1915 through 1927.

How great were the Silents? Their best seasons were between 1917 through1923. In that span of seven glorious seasons, the combined record was 60 won, 9 lost and 5 tied, winning several local and state semi pro titles. And the competition was fierce. A team that the Silents never defeated was the Akron Pros, one of the NFL teams in the pioneering days of the National Football League! These four Silents-Pros games were epic black and blue battles, with the Pros winning 9-0, 20-7, 6-0 and 14-0. If one would say that the Silents faced a future NFL team, that statement would be true!


Jewish Deaf Profile

janetJanet Weinstock
Takes Her Teaching Seriously

Janet, whose husband Mike was profiled in a past JDCC News as a successful girls' basketball coach, is also a success in her own right. She is a lead team teacher at the Gallaudet Pre-College programs.

She signs so fluently that an immediate impression is made of her as a graduate of a residential school for the deaf. Wrong! She attended P.S. 47 in New York, at that time a day oral program. "I often got punished for signing too much in class," Janet quipped.


Young Adults Corner

stoneE Pluribus Unum

I just arrived home from the Jewish Deaf Congress convention in Universal City, and I must admit that it was quite an experience! Like most kids my age, I enrolled in the Teens program and there I met many new people my age, above and below. After five days, I was impressed by the coordination of the program, but I realized that we, as young Jewish Deaf adults, still have a long way to go.

Despite the best efforts of a few programs nationwide, no organization has yet to bring together the several thousand young Jewish Deaf adults living in the United States and Canada. Our hearing counterparts have had enormous success with their own organizations, such as the B'nai B'rith Youth Organization (BBYO) and the United Synagogue Youth (USY).They have shown that it is possible to have a Jewish organization focused on youth.



This Month's Video

Announcing Mozzeria as CSD SVF Business Partner

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