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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Celebrations

mitzvah-aThink: Bar Mitzvah! On one hand, you have months and months of preparation and learning and reciting and singing your Torah and Haftorah portion and the accompanying prayers. On the other hand, there's this great party afterwards, with flashing color lights, kids and adults dancing alike, neon tube necklaces and inflatable musical instruments! But there's much more to a Bar Mitzvah than reciting Hebrew and partying into the wee hours of morning.


Deaf Jews Sports

morris-davisMorris Davis
World's Best Competitive Walker

Competitive walking is a track and field event that normally isn't part of the track meet agendas. Maybe it is popular in Europe but not in USA. Anyway in the thirties, the late Morris Davis, who was deaf and a staunch member of the deaf Jewish community for many years, was a champion walker.

Wherever Morris went, he was lovingly referred to as the "champion walker." It was not necessary to mention his name - just mention Champion walker," and everyone knew who he was.

And he did not just compete in walking events only during his prime athletic years. He was a life-time walking contestant, even entering masters 5K and 10 K walking races right up to his death! His walking career lasted six decades. Only death put a stop to it.


Jewish Deaf Profile

vicki-hurwitzVicki Hurwitz
Stands Tall In Her Own Right

There is a cliche - that behind every successful husband is an equally successful woman in her own right. Let us reverse the cliche - behind every successful wife is an equally successful husband in his own right. In other words a successful wife supports a successful husband and vice versa.

The JDCC News featured T. Alan Hurwitz a couple of issues ago. This time around it is Vicki Hurwitz's turn to be featured.


Young Adults Corner

stone37 Merry Hanukkah!
Winter's coming and you know what that means! Latkes, dreidels, colorful wax candles, clothes from your grandmother that you'll never wear in your life (except when you visit her). Unfortunately, Hanukkah celebrations are often overshadowed by the dominating Christmas influence. It doesn't take much to see it - all you have to do is drive down the streets and you're continually bombarded by fruitcakes, Christmas lights, wreaths, nativity scenes, and Christmas-type movies such as let's a Wonderful Life." But do you ever see Hanukkah movies? Nope!

Now, personally, I like the nativity scenes and the overall feeling of goodness that the Christmas season provides. But it can be hard on us never knowing when next year's Hanukkah will fall. It's easy for them - America is the Christmas Country. And we can't all afford to jump to Israel and stay there for 8 days basking in the Hanukkah season there. What are we to do?



This Month's Video

Announcing Mozzeria as CSD SVF Business Partner

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