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How To Purim

purimTuesday, March 2, 1999 - 14 Adar, 5759

Read the Megilla, eat, drink, sing, drink, discuss or act out the Purim story, drink, read the Megilla again, drink, give money to the poor, drink, eat, give Mishloach Manot, drink, eat, drink, sing, drink, sleep, wake up with Excedrin Headache #5759.

Purim is the most festive of Jewish holidays, a time of prizes, noisernakers, costumes, and treats. But has the celebration of Purim always been this way? To a large extent, yes! The celebrations usually involve all the above elements, though not necessarily in that order. (Well, fine. Not everyone necessarily wakes up the next morning with a headache.)


Deaf Jews In Sports

zimble Nathan Zimble

A Near Olympian In Wrestling
In his heyday, both as a wrestler and as a wrestling coach, Nathan Zimble was the best. He was such a great wrestler for the Gallaudet University team in the early twenties that he was invited to tryout for the Olympics in 1920. And as a wrestling coach at Arkansas School for the Deaf (ASD), he produced an endless assembly line of state wrestling champions.

While Nathan was producing champion wrestlers, he was also an adept administrator as the school principal. "Nathan was effective; just simply the bests recalls a retired Gallaudet professor, an alumnus of ASD.



Jewish Deaf Profile

Samuel Rittenberg
An Enduring Legend


There are always exceptions. Samuel Rittenberg is that special exception. He has lived in the South for much of his life even while moving around during his formative years. And he is still alive at the young age of 97, born in the year 1901. His 98th birthday will come up in May, just a few months away.

Samuel's saga is an interesting one and is an example of perseverance, stick-to-it work ethic and personal principles. In his own quiet way, many years before the ADA became reality, Samuel was a pioneer when it came to advocating the rights and needs of the deaf as first class citizens. This is a trait that not too many of Samuel's Fiends and admirers are fully aware of.


Interpreter’s Corner

Please note: This article was written with the permission of the person involved.

inter2Over the past four months, I had the opportunity and privilege to serve as the interpreter and tutor for a deaf student taking two graduate level courses in Biblical Hebrew at a local seminary. I thought JDCC subscribers would enjoy reading about some of the techniques the student and I developed to make this a successful experience.

The purpose of the course was to teach students how to read and translate from Biblical Hebrew into English. Students were not required to speak Hebrew or to write their own sentences (although they did learn to copy Hebrew letters and words).



This Month's Video

Announcing Mozzeria as CSD SVF Business Partner

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