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New Passover Experiment ‘A Success’

dror-2This year's JDCC Community Seder, held on the first night of Passover, was definitely unique! With reporters from the local Burbank, CA 'Leader' newspaper and the Daily News present, nearly 100 people followed the story of Passover on two large projection screens.


A Place At The Table

(Wendy Lichtman has given us her permission to run her article that appeared in the Washington Post, Sunday, November 22, 1998, page W15. Wendy resides in North California.)


Raising her daughter, she discovered the differences between the world of the hearing and the world of the deaf. She also found bridges between them.


Young Adults Corner

A New Organization - and Future!

Let's face it. There isn't much out there for average Jewish Deaf young adults like us. Yes, there's the JDC and the JDCC and the Deaf synagogues around the nation, but nothing oriented toward our specific age-group. Not anymore! That void now seems to be filled with a very promising new organization, called the Collegiate Jewish Deaf Congress - CJDC.


Surviving The Holocaust

"Love Conquered All Odds'



Rose Steinberg Feld Rosman


This is part of an ongoing series of interviews with deaf survivors of the Holocaust during World War II. This personal interview took place in early 1994.


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This Month's Video

Published on Jul 7, 2017Emily Frances of i24 News "Trending"- in depth interview with deaf Oscar winner Marlee...

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