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Thank You For Your Contributions!
  • Deborah & Gary Talkofsky: In honor of JDCC
  • Sybil Levine: In honor of Steve & Dot Brenner
  • Shelley & John Goul: In memory of sister Irene Mendelsohn
  • Denise & Henry Adler: In honor of twins Rachel and Hannah Adler
  • Susan Dramin-Weiss: In memory of grandma Marion Dramin
  • Helen & Sylvestro Inga: In memory of Harry & Rose Zucker, Nicholas & Bernice Scorsone, Josephine Inga, Patrik Luna, Richard Henden, Shirley Manders
  • Jana, Eric & Rive Brody: In honor of Linda & Erwin oldbloom and Ginger Brody
  • David Bloch: In honor of JDCC
  • Susan Margolin: In memory of Erik Jacob Hartman, son of Fred & Becky Hartman and brothers of Adam & Kyle

JDCC News Fund
  • Paul Davis, Encino, CA
  • Henry Adler, Bethesda, MD
  • Debijo & Fred Lovitch, Northridge, CA
  • Deborah & Gary Talkofsky, Plainview, NY
  • Charlotte & Sam Kadin, Los Angeles, CA
  • Scott Seigal, Glendale, CA
  • Heather & Norman Sarkin, San Diego, CA
  • Betty & Lawrence Newman, Riverside, CA
  • Muriel & David Freedman, Calabasas, CA
  • Harriet Fortus, North Hollywood, CA
  • Gerald Burstein, Riverside, CA
  • Holly Hoffnung, Portland, OR
  • Alfred Weinrib, Flushing, NY
  • Susan Pirrell, Huntington Beach, CA
  • David Heine, Westerville, OH
  • Bernice Drake, Palmdale, CA
  • Sybil Levine, Los Angeles, CA
  • Jeffrey Palitz, Westminster, CA
  • Sharon Kerr, Council Bluffs, IA
  • Shelley & John Goul, Los Angeles, CA
  • Denise & Robert Sidansky, Thousand Oaks, CA
  • Daniel Langholtz, San Francisco, CA
  • Georgette & Alex Fleischman, Tamarac, FL
  • Susan Dramin-Weiss, Champaign, IL
  • Rachel Mizrahie, Los Angeles, CA
  • Mitch Adler, Havertown, PA
  • Annick & Reed Gershwind, Pittsford, NY
  • Helen & Sylvestro Inga, MorenoValley, CA
  • Barbara & Jules Kass, Philadelphia, PA
  • Joanne & Albert Greenberg, Golden, CO
  • Beryl Kohn, Brooklyn, NY
  • Joy & Shaul Antar, Fairhope, AL
  • Naomi Brunn Lehrman, New York, NY
  • Melanie & Troy Smith, Lynbrook, NY
  • Jodi & Eric Shapiro, Saugus, CA
  • Laura Kaplansky, Los Angeles, CA
  • Matt Simmons, Valencia, CA
  • Joanne & Stefan Garas, Los Angeles, CA
  • Marie & Jeff Lubman, Chino Hills, CA
  • Linda & Erwin Goldbloom, West Hills, CA
  • Tovah Wax, Cary, NC
  • Evelyn Zola, Concord, CA
  • Andrea Kurs, Potomac, MD
  • Jana & Eric Brody, Goleta, CA
  • David Bloch, Mt. Vernon, NY
  • Jana & Eric Brody, Goleta, CA
  • Paula Tucker, Silver Spring, MD
  • Ellen & David Balkan, Encino, CA
  • Marjorie Yablon, New Paltz, NY
  • Debra Gamer & Hillel Goldberg, Laurel, MD
  • Robert Medress, Tarzana, CA
  • Heidi Zimmer, Gunnison, CO

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Announcing Mozzeria as CSD SVF Business Partner

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