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The Ritual Bath Experience

mikvah-02When you look through the 613 Mitzvot that govern Jewish life, three of them are specifically for women. It covers lighting of the candles, consecrating the first Sabbath bread cake, and observing the laws of ritual purity.

What Is Ritual Purity?
Ritual Purity, known as the 'Mikvah', means a "collection of water". It is a ritual bath used for spiritual purification. Going back to the old times, men used it to remove impurities before entering the Temple. Nowadays mostly Jewish married women have the Mikvah to sanctify the sexual relations of their marriage.

The mikveh at Masada, built strictly according to ritual requirements


Interpreter’s Corner

inter2Peer Study Groups
This month's topic is Peer Study Groups. This past summer and fall, I was involved with an Interpreter Study Group in Philadelphia. There were a total of 8 people in the group, 5 of whom attended regularly. We met 10 times between July and January, about twice a month. We usually met on a Thursday night, at the Hebrew Association of the Deaf, for two hours.

The group came with varying skills; some were experienced interpreters, new to Judaic interpreting and with limited background in Judaism. Some were beginner sign language students with strong Jewish knowledge. One member was even a rabbinical student! Each person had a unique contribution.


Our Jewish Hearing Friends in Our Deaf Circle

greenbergJoanne Greenberg

Joanne Greenberg, a well-known author of short stories and novels, has been involved in the Deaf community for many years.

About Joanne
Born in Brooklyn in 1932, Joanne lived in New York most of her young adult life with her sister and parents. She entered American University in Washington, DC in 1955, where she obtained her degree in Cultural Anthropology/ Ethnic Linguistics. Through a mutual friend, Joanne met her future husband, Albert at a casual dinner. The two married and relocated to Denver, Colorado where they had their two sons, David and Allen. David, an electrical specialist, now lives in Boston Massachusetts and Allen, a lawyer, resides in Denver.



purimPurim falls on the fourteenth of Adar in the Jewish calendar which in North America, is usually late January or February. This year, Purim takes place on Tuesday, March 21st.



This Month's Video

Published on Jul 7, 2017Emily Frances of i24 News "Trending"- in depth interview with deaf Oscar winner Marlee...

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