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Letters to the Editor

editorDear Readers,

The Hadassah national Convention is coming up in Los Angeles, CA on July 16th. We hope that you plan to attend their reception to welcome the Jewish Deaf Community. See page 5 for more details.

Next Year Seder
The recent JDCC Community Seder was such a hit that we are already discussing next year's Seder plans! The major reason this year's Seder was successful was the opportunity for participants to benefit from the concept of 'live leader' conveyed through an enhanced visual medium.

As we have outgrown the space at Burbank Temple Emanu El, we will be looking at new possible sites for next year's Seder.

Additionally due to a major conflict with the First Evening of Passover falling on Saturday evening, we have to take the needs of those observant Jews into consideration and figure out the technical aspects; i.e. with the Seder not being able to start until after Shabbat has ended which would be around 8 pm on April 7th, 2001. If JDCC decides to host it on the Second Evening instead, we still face the same obstacle of not being able to start until after sunset. Many Deaf people are not accustomed to having a late event and of course its a mitzvah to make sure everyone has a Seder to attend! We will contact Rabbis to see our options without violating this Jewish practice. We will keep you posted!

HAMANSTCHEN Recipe Instructions:
We goofed in the March/April Issue by not including the instructions for the recipe of the Hamanstchen so here it is:

Cream sugar, oil, and margarine.
Add eggs and juice and mix well.
Blend with dry ingredients and roll into a ball.
Divide into four parts.
Roll out each piece very thin (approxi­mately 1/8 inch) on a floured board.

With the rim of a cup or glass, cut into the dough to make circles.
Place 1/2 to 2/3 teaspoon of filling in the middle of each circle.



This Month's Video

Published on Jul 7, 2017Emily Frances of i24 News "Trending"- in depth interview with deaf Oscar winner Marlee...

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