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Kosher Foods For Passover


Buying Kosher Passover Food
As we prepare for the upcoming Passover holiday, we need to shop for food that can be eaten during Passover. During the eight days of Passover, we cannot eat chometz.

Shopping for Passover food can be fun and at the same time a headache! If you are invited to someone's house during the Passover holiday and they keep kosher, it helps to check one of several publications that lists which food is kosher this year. They update this list every year.


Interpreter’s Corner

inter2Interpreter as "Third Culture" Advocate?
As the regular readers of JDCC News know, I have been writing this column long enough to venture into controversial grounds.

Last February, I moved from Philadelphia to Maryland. In the past twelve months, I have been trying to learn the "lay of the land" of my new home -- an area full of activity for the Jewish Deaf.


Jewish Deaf Business


Mitchell and Dawn Siegel
Balloon Expressions by A&B



Setting the Seder Plate

SederPlateThe word 'Seder' means 'order' or 'method'. During the Seder, we follow specific rituals. Now for the exciting part that you may be more familiar with.

The first night of Passover is when the Jewish people actually brought the Passover sacrifice and ate it before G-d at midnight smote ("killed"). G-d killed all of the firstborn sons of Egypt at midnight.



This Month's Video

Announcing Mozzeria as CSD SVF Business Partner

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