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Berman Twins Monitor College Parking Lot

Nick & Joseph Berman, identical twins from Brighton, NY work as parking monitors at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) where they are students. Part of a pilot program to make campus safety officers more accessible to the large Deaf pipulation at RIT and the National Technical Institute of the Deaf (NTID) where out of 14,000 students, 1,100 are Deaf. All RIT campus safety officers are required to know basic sign language which is no problem for the Berman twins! Bob Craig, director of campus safety at first opposed having Deaf officers work for him due to communication obstacles putting them at risk. Craig, a retired deputy police chief, however, changed his mind after meeting Gerry Buckley, NTID's associate dean of student affairs who showed ways a Deaf officer can accomplish the same thing a hearing officer can. "Now I have the fever", Craig says. To date as many as five Deaf students have been hired for six month work experience positions. "We're looking to see what emerging technology we can purchase to make the campus more inclusive", Craig was quoted in an article by Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reporter Greg Livadas in May. "One option is using portable text pagers from American Online..."

Chicago Temple Celebrates 30th Year

Congregation Bene Shalom in Skokie, IL celebrated its 30th anniversary with an anniversary dinner and dance on May 5th at the DoubleTree hotel in Skokie. Following a Havdallah service, a Silent Auction was held. Actress Jackie Roth from New York gave a performance. Among recipients of plaques was the temple's Rabbi Goldhamer. Temple administrator Peggy Bagley and Yvette Freedberg who helped with temple operations. This report was submitted by CSD president Nona Balk.

Matlin: How Technology Benefits

In his 'Assistive Technology' weekly column which runs in 'BW Online', writer John Williams ran an article on how a Deaf person can function in a hearing world. In this report, edited by Douglas Harbrecht, he points to Academy Award winner Marlee matlin. "The 35-year old actor is perhaps the world's most renowned deaf person. her most recent, recurring role was that of a White House advisor on the TV drama 'The West Wing'. Using a variety of assistive technology, Matlin lives her life to the fullest." Equipment mentioned: a Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) in her dressing room along with a television with closed-caption technology. "At home, she has a series of signaling devices to alert her when the doorbell rings, the phone rings, or when her new baby cries". Matlin uses the internet, instant messaging, and e-mail. Says Matlin, "It's truly a barrier-free environment"... She says she can't imagine a deaf person surviving without access to assistive technology and the Internet.

Deaf Palestinian Shot Through Heart

Matt Spetalnick with Reuters reported on May 24th that during fighting in the Gaza Strip and the downing of a Lebanese plane on a possible suicide mission, Israeli forces killed a 18-year-old Deaf Palestinian as he stood outside his house, unaware that a gun battle was raging around him. A iafrica.com report says the Deaf Palestinian's name was Shadi Siyam, 20, who was shot in the chest and died later in the hospital near the Yebna refugee camp.


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