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Letters to the Editor

editorHi Readers,

JDCC celebrates its tenth year of service to Jewish persons who are Deaf or hard of hearing with access to Judaism. See flyer on page 5 to make your reservations.

Academy Award-winning actress Marlee Matlin and activist Rachel Braver are the 'Friends of JDCC' recipients recognizing them for their support. Matlin named JDCC as one of the donors on her wish list to Toys R Us who gave us $5,000. Rachel Braver has continued to assist JDCC since obtaining full-time employment.

As part of banquet festivities, an original play "To Be Jewish And Deaf" will premiere. Winners of JDCC Art and Essay contests will also be announced and leaders of the Jewish Deaf Community will be recognized along with the presentation of the JDCC Community Service and Achievement Awards to well-deserving Jewish Deaf persons.

The original family-oriented "To Be Jewish And Deaf", was developed by DJ Kurs for JDCC and is a light-hearted take on a conflict that all Deaf Jews come across at one time in their lives. Through the eyes of Shmuley, the 12-year old protagonist, we see how his social needs drive him away from being a good Jew in the eyes of his parents. This production will be voice-interpreted for the benefit of the general public. Cast members are Koli Cutler, Alan "SPO" Schwartz, Joshua Soudakoff, Michael Soudakoff, Rachel Soudakoff and Melissa Yingst.

I am excited to share with you that Council member Ruth Galanter has given JDCC a certificate on May 10th to recognize us for the services we provide to the community.

Regarding to the JDCC and TBS Joint Seder: The committee has been formed. Representing Temple Beth Solomon (TBS) members are Charles Katz, Joyce Linden and Elaine Aikins. JDCC's representatives are David Rosenbaum, Jeff Lubman and Ruth Morris. They will meet to discuss ideas for a joint Seder in 2003. We will keep you posted.


I may be moving to the Baltimore/Aberdeen area. Are there any Jewish organizations there? Anyone who has info, please help. Thanks.

Marc Himelstein - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Erie, PA

Dear Sharon,

I hope this note finds you well. I'm very impressed by your publication, the JDCC News. You are doing so much for the Jewish hearing impaired population in the Southland. Your reports of "Jewish Deaf Tidbits" are great!

I hope the seder at Adat Ad El is a sell out. Keep up the good work!

Rabbi Alan Kalinsky, Director
Orthodox Union - West Coast Region

Dear Sharon,

Great to see you at JDCC Seder, your children and all the wonderful participants. I loved seeing my favorite Rabbi Rebecca Dubowe on the screen at tonight's JDCC Passover Seder.

Your children are looking so good. You must be proud.

Richard Fendrich

Dearest Sharon,

This is a letter of thanks for the informative and interactive Passover Seder which was taken up at Adat Ari El Temple in Burbank. This event was conductive for both deaf and hearing diners so we could attend and celebrate together.

The format of this occasion with delicious orthodox food, reasonable price and the family atmosphere made for a delightful as well as educational evening for us. Just wanted to express our sincere thanks for all your efforts on the plan for Second Evening Passover event. It was certainly a success and we do look forward to attending yearly!!! Yes, we are looking forward to the Rosh Hashana event on September 7th.

Evelyn Zola - Concord, CA


I am a linguistic student and I am doing a research about deaf culture. I would be very happy if some one who is a teenager and Deaf will contact me in order to get some more information about this interesting world and life of the Deaf because I am very ignorant and I don't know anything about this mysterious world. Some one who is willing to open a window to his own life culture hobbies etc. waiting for a reply.

Sarit - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Herzeliya, Israel

Dear Sharon,

I read JDCC News (Issue #57) about chometz stuff on Passover traditions. I am amazed to learn about clothes that needs to be checked out along with furniture, toys, books, shampoos and cosmetics. Yes I know about other products have to be cleaned up and put another dishes and pots for preparation on Passover.

I would like to know, if a person who passes away during Passover, can they be buried on the First and Second Day of Passover? What about the last two days of Passover? The reason I am asking is because actor Milton Berle (Comedian) died on March 27th Wednesday and was buried on April 1st Monday during Passover. Shalom

Ruth Morris - Los Angeles, CA


Does anyone there know of the address/phone/email etc. of the Jewish Deaf organization in France? Thanks,

Frank Hochman - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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