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Deaf Israeli Serves In Israeli Army

Barry Strassler reported in the March 24, 2002 edition of DeafDigest that a Gallaudet University publication 'On the Green' recently profiled Elad Rathe, an Israeli enrolled as a student at Gallaudet and a member of the men's basketball team had served in the Israeli Army prior to enrolling at Gallaudet. "I am proud that in Israel they allow deaf people to serve in the Army," Elad says. He was a mapper with the Army, responsible for drawing maps of areas around the country and marking locations.

Israel In Time Of Crisis

As news of tragedy occurring nearly daily in Israel reaches us, message has gone out for every Jew to unite and support with words and action our brothers and sisters in Israel (and other countries like France and Argentina): Prayers... showing support by visiting Israel or purchasing products made in Israel .... And Tzedaka - Charity. This message included a "limited list of Jewish Organizations that help Jewish Deaf in Israel. Please support them generously...": Shemaya, a religious school for Deaf children at 121 Rothchild, Petach Tikvah, Israel; YUIA Jewish Heritage for the Deaf at PO Box 16095, Jerusalem 91160 Israel; Association of the Deaf in Israel at Mavo Hamatmid Street, Jerusalem 94593 Israel, also c/o Jackie Spivak, 51 Netach Yerushalayim, St. Dekel Efrat 90435 Israel, and the OUR WAY Israel Fund at 11 Broadway, New York, NY 10004. You also could e-mail President Bush to encourage him to continue the war on terrorism and to support Israel's right to fight terrorism. His e-mail address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Gregory Pollock Has Bar Mitzvah

Tribune-Review reported that Gregory Pollock who is profoundly Deaf is set to recite the Hebrew readings for his bar mitzvah. Pollock of McCandless, PA who is a seventh-grader at Carson Middle School turned 13 on February 19th. His father, Sanford Pollock says that Gregory received a lot of special services, privately and through the North Allegheny School District. "He does phenomenally well," Sanford Pollock said. "He has very, very good speech, and we've done a lot of Hebrew tutoring." Sanford Pollock said hearing Jews have an advantage that a person with deafness would not have.


Micha Program Helps Preschoolers with Hearing Loss

After Reuma WPIZman, wife of former Israel president Ezer Weizman and Sheila Kurtzer, wife of US Ambassador to Israel Daniel Kurtzer attended a dinner at Sheraton Tel Aviv hotel to raise funds for the Micha preschool, a supplemental preschool program located in Ramat Aviv founded by Dr. Ezra Korine in 1953 to diagnose hearing loss at an early age to enable early intervention, the hotel has adopted Micha. In February, the Jerusalem Post reported a group of children with their nursery teacher were at the hotel learning to make hamentashen for Purim party. Eyal Rosenberg was on hand to help the children, 3-5 years old with the pre-holiday baking preparations. Kurtzer, the US ambassador's wife, says it is the first time she's ever made the pastry. "These are the best hamentashen that I've ever made," she says. The children are a mix of both secular and religious from Ashkelon, Rishon Lezion, Rehovot, Yavne and Ashdod.



This Month's Video

Irina, our event coordinator, shares the exciting updates of the #DeafChanukah event in this video!

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