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Adam Stone Honored With A Oticon Focus On People Award

Nominated by Joan Hewitt, an audiologist for an 'Oticon Focus On People Award', Adam Stone of Del Mar, CA came in second place in the Full-Time Student category. The Union-Tribune in San Diego reported in August that Adam, who was diagnosed as profoundly deaf when he was 1 month old, considers himself as an "average 20 year-old college student deciding what to do in life." "Hewitt says that "Adam has overcome so much with an attitude that is unbelievable. He has such a joy for living..." He hopes to pursue a career in public relations, advertising consulting, international relations or law and used the $500 that came with the award "to pay off some of his debt from a recent trip to Europe." Adam's mother describes him as a "great example of someone who has overcome a disability."


Deaf Angry Over Shortage Of Pagers

The Ha'aretz reported in August that the Israeli Deaf community is furious with the defense department's decision to distribute 1,000 text pagers instead of 2,000 that Deaf Community leaders claim they were promised. These pagers, which receive text messages by flashing a light or vibrating and is used to convey instructions in event of a national emergency such as an Iraqi missile strike. The report estimates there are 5,000 individuals who are Deaf in Israel.

Marlee Matlin To Appear In 'Bad Ass'

Actress Marlee Matlin is producing and starring in 'Bad Ass', an action movie that "satirizes recent corporate scandals". She plays as a "quiet" accountant who stumbles upon damning info," says Variety reporter Devin Faraci in a report titled 'Could You Repeat That?' "Her boss tries to rub her out, but she survives and comes back for revenge. The idea is to get a bunch of big name stars to have cameos as corporate execs who meet violent and bizarre deaths." Bad Ass will be directed by Simon Gornick, whose debut movie, The Art of Revenge comes out this fall starring Stephan Jenkins, lead singer of the utterly insufferable crap rock band Third Eye Blind.

Jewish Maccabiah Games Uses 'Signs'?

Barry Strassler with Deaf Digest reported that in an article in August, the Baltimore Sun in writing about the Jewish Maccabiah Games, mentioned that Israeli basketball coach Yorram Fenster while he is not deaf, used sign language to coach his players in a basketball game. Is he just paranoid about having his signals stolen? No. In Israel, Fenster coaches the national deaf Israeli basketball team so his sign language came in handy!


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Announcing Mozzeria as CSD SVF Business Partner

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