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Our Jewish Hearing Friends in Our Deaf Circle

Charlotte Herzberg Abrams

Charlotte Abrams is the daughter of Deaf parents, Joseph and Ruth Herzberg of Chicago, III. In her hometown, the neighbors called them "The Silents". She used that forthe title of her book which tells the story of how she and her sister Adelaide grew up in a Deaf family.


My Visit With London Deaf Jews

Last January, I attended the Women Reform Network (WRN) conference in London, England, which is an organization for reform women rabbis. The WRN conference is held every two years in different parts of America. This was the first time that the WRN conference took place in Europe. There were several rabbis from different parts of Europe (Germany, Hungary, Russia, Norway, and England) and Israel who attended the conference for the first time. It was one of the most wonderful experiences meeting these European rabbis and exchanging stories about our lives as rabbis.



This Month's Video

Published on Jul 7, 2017Emily Frances of i24 News "Trending"- in depth interview with deaf Oscar winner Marlee...

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