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Thank You For Your Contributions!
• Helen Inga: In memory of Rose Zucker & Elsie Rosenberg
• Dorothy & Fredric Levenson: In memory of Leslie Levenson's beloved father, Morris N. Hoffman
• Terry Bittker Berces: In memory of Julia Mayes

JDCC News Fund
Tovah Wax, Cary, NC
Shoshana Riesenfeld, Sherman Oaks, CA
Gary Rosenblatt, Brooklyn, NY
Paula Tucker, Silver Spring, MD
Rivka & Morton Goldberg: Cincinatti, OH

Passover Fund
Libby Matlin
David Rosenbaum
Joyce Kantor
Alan SPO Schwartz
Lilly & Barry Crisman


This Month's Video

Presentation made by Rabbi Fred Friedman during Chair Hour on May 15, 2016

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Designed and maintained by Eyeth Studios, LLC
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