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Letters to the Editor

Greetings from Scott Seigal - Glendale, CA.
I would like to acknowledge that the last issue of JDCC News has one of its most longest, interested and significant article, "The Jewish Deaf-Blind Community". It has deeply touched my soft heart. Please let Sharon Dror make her correction note of my name and write a statement about me. [Please see her editorial commentary on page 2.] I attended the AADB (American Association for the Deaf-Blind)'s recent conference in San Diego, CA on July 12-18. I am so pleased to report that it was the best conference along with the most paradise and pleasure weather AADB ever has. Indeed, it was a big smash with more than 900 people from around the nation and few countries including Japan and India. It had Jewish Shabbat service as Jay Ravitsky, Jeff Bohrman, Robert Blumenau and myself along with David Bar-Tzur and most supportive activists, Sheryl Cooper and Debby Lieberman there. I gave the workshop with a very good reception along with Jay and Jeff as its topic was based on "how can any deaf-blind people can successfully maintain their longtime jobs while coping with vision loss" as well as I did make it in 1997. Richard Fendrich, a dedicated, long-time interpreter for the deaf and deaf-blind people was one of my SSP along with Pinky Aiello which was also appeared on this article's picture [JDCC News] They were truly hardworking.

As some of you might recall the short article of "O'Hear Israel" which was about a tiny Jewish deaf community in Cleveland where I was resided years ago. I still recall fondly some local general Jewish community events including now-disbanded Cleveland Hebrew Association for the Deaf. My grandpa used to be a good friend with a conservative Rabbi whom conducted services for the deaf community occasionally.

I would like to express my gratitude to Sharon Dror and her JDCC for being so greatly generous and patience to provide any services and recent publication to meet my needs. Applause her to keep her good efforts to improve the advocacy and supports of the deaf-blind community. I would like to wish all of you Happy Rosh Hashana and healthy Jewish New Year. Hope to see you in the future. Thank you for supporting the Jewish Deaf-Blind community and its needs.

I received JDCC News which released some published newsletter. While I was in San Diego, CA for the AADB conference. Scott Seigal just bumped me to converse with his SSP, Richard Fendrich (hearing interpreter, I know Richard very well since he was interpreted my deaf-blind sister's wedding in 1974). Scott was confirming. I was realized and did not know what I left the newsletter because I did not want to bring them to the conference how pressure I worked hard with new SSPs and my groups. I read the whole based stories regarding Jewish Deaf-Blind. I was impressed my glances. I contacted my Jewish Deaf friends in Philadelphia, PA who told me, "Mazel Tov on my supportive of articles in JDCC News".

I appreciate it and I want to thank you for writing some beautiful articles. I was notified by my third cousin. Mrs. Barbara Roux who is a hearing old lady, who remembered my Bar Mitzvah in Feb. 1967 that my voice was so beautiful, Hebrew speaking after my rabbi was so happy to be proud his blessing. At the meantime, my rabbi ordered me and my Hebrew teacher to appear on a TV show with Jewish Heritages. I cannot remember that date. I will try to contact PBS in Philadelphia and ask for a copy of this episode in 1967.


Jay Ravitsky - Philadelphia, PA


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