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Thank You For Your Contributions!
  • Rosemarie & Ira Mandel: in honor of Rachel Dubowe's bat mitzvah
  • April & Robert Modlinger: in honor of JDCC
  • Bernard Bragg: in memory of Jennie & Wolf Bragg
  • Harriet & Rubin Lefkowitz: in memory of Phyliss Dror
  • Helen Lovitch: in memory of beloved husband Morton, father David and mother Beatrice
  • Marie & Jeff Lubman: in memory of Hyman Lubman & Marvin Greenstone
  • Betsey-Freya Kaplan: in memory of beloved mother Anna Molly Rubin-Kaplan
  • Rebecca Hozinsky: in honor of JDCC
  • Jana & Eric Brody: in memory of Ralph & Ethel Brody, Jack Weinberg & Annabel Rose, Babe & Irene Goldbloom, Sy & Bea Levy and Ben Stillman
  • Michael Goldberg: in memory of father, Edward L. Goldberg
  • Esther Luman: in honor of JDCC
  • Daniel & Rachel PeIc: In honor of Frank Berman for all his help
  • Leslie & Paul Levenson: in honor of Scott Seigal's 50th birthday
  • Leslie & Paul Levenson: in memory of Sonia Fogel
  • Leslie & Paul Levenson: In memory of our fathers Edward Levenson and Morris N. Hoffman
  • Ruth/Allen Ziegler Foundation: In honor of JDCC

JDCC News Fund

  • Cassia Margolis & Larry Greenbaum: Indianapolis, IN
  • April & Robert Modlinger: Springfield, N.J.
  • Rabbi Rebecca & Michael Dubowe: Thousand Oaks, CA
  • Tina Jo Breindel & Joe Dannis: Solana Beach, CA
  • Lila Worzel & George Miller: Delray Beach, FL
  • Betsey-Freya Kaplan: Framingham, MA
  • Harold Levy: Riverside, CA
  • Clara & Ephraim Wahrhaftig: Philadelphia, PA
  • Michelle Nemetz: Los Angeles, CA
  • Feige & Harold Zaretsky: Plainview, NY
  • Scott Seigal: Glendale, CA
  • Adele Shuart: Ellicott City, MD


This Month's Video

Presentation made by Rabbi Fred Friedman during Chair Hour on May 15, 2016

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Designed and maintained by Eyeth Studios, LLC
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