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Life Cycle

Marlee Matlin and Kevin Grandalski gave birth to a daughter, Isabelle Jane Grandalski on Friday, December 26, in Los Angeles. The newborn joined brothers Tyler and Brandon and sister Sarah.

Doris Weinkle Naiman passed away on October 31, 2003 in N.Y. She was 82 years old. Surviving family members are her husband, Richard Naiman and three children, Francie, Rachel and Alec Naiman.

Bertha Haft Kurz, 106 years old. Arcadia, CA. August 16, 1897 - December 25, 2003. Surviving members include son Murray and his wife Joan. Bertha was buried in New Jersey next to her husband

Henry William (Bill) Bernstein, died on January 9, 2004, at the age of 84. Survived by his sister Rosalie Levine, three children, Mark & Gloria, Fred &Kaye and Alice & Jack; and grandchildren Lizzie, Adam, Ben, Evan, Eric, Molly, Jeffrey and Ian.

Ester Ellen Fendrich, 57, died on January 26, 2004 in Portland Oregon. Survivors include one daughter, Mindy Laplante of Portland; three half-sisters; two brothers, Richard and Brian; and three grandchildren.

Rose Koblenz of Casselberry, FL. Deaf mother of Howard B. Koblenz. Passed away on January 27, 2004. She was 86 years old.

Max Kaplan, 94, Framingham, MA. February 7, 2004. Beloved husband of the late Ann (Rubin) Kaplan. Surviving members include daughter Betsey Kaplan and son Eric & Aimee Kaplan, and grandchildren Laura, Matthew and Jennie.



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