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Fifty Bnai Mitzvahs

A gathering of Deaf bnai mitzvah honorees took place in mid-May at Zichron Yaakov in Israel. Organized by the Council of Young Israel Rabbis' Jewish Heritage division, this event honored youths from all parts of Israel and from all different Jewish denominations, who became bar and bat mitzvahs within the past year. This organization helps out with Jewish educational programming for Israel's deaf and hard-of-hearing populace.

Some honorees had the privilege of being in a synagogue for the first time. The participants were happy to be involved in this event with other Deaf peers. A prayer service was conducted in Hebrew and sign language and included blessings for all children who stood under a prayer shawl canopy. The boys were given opportunities to say blessings on the Torah scroll. The boys received tefillins and the girls received Sabbath candlesticks. Afterwards, everybody partook in an enjoyable luncheon.



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