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Letters to the Editor

Editor wants to apologize for omitting what the letters were in regard to the Jan/Feb 2006 issue. It was about the Nov/Dec 2005 issue on "Hebrew Language Interpreting/Technology Challenges for Deaf Student in Public School."

Some of you thought there was a lot of typo errors by using the small letter "i" for Israel - that is how the "Taglit-birthright israel" program is named.

A great issue! (Jan/Feb 2006) Hope those who arrange the Taglit-birthright israel trips get copies of all of these letters. Only thing missing was questions to which the letters seemed to be replying to. Len Frank

Dear Sharon Dror,

I am thankful to get the JDCC News newsletter and it looked lovely. Lots of work and contact for the Taglit-birthright israel article. Thank you very much again for doing this huge mitzvah!

Sophie-Shifra Gold

Hi Sharon,

I really enjoyed reading about the Taglit-birthright israel program. I've always felt that Israel wasn't exactly a safe place to visit. One writer (Alise Kermisch) points out, "If you choose not to send your children, will your values and traditions be protected." This is something to really think about and everyone is going to feel differently about this issue especially those who have lost their sons/daughters during war time.

Wendy Rabinowitz-Hoy

To All Jewish Interpreters,

My name is Dena and I am an interpreter, in Los Angeles who has been trying to get to workshops for skill improvement to, sooner rather than later, become RID certified.

The problem is, almost all the RID workshops are on Saturdays which poses a problem for Jews who are Shabbat observant such as myself. I have been in contact with a wonderful lady named Kathleen Lanker who puts together many SCRID, RID sponsored workshops, and has been trying very hard to organize Sunday workshops for people in the same situation. The problem is, she’s not getting a lot of people who show up for these Sunday workshops, maybe because they aren’t aware of them, but she also gets a lot of negative feedback from those who think Saturdays should be the only day for workshops due to THEIR worship needs. I am writing in hopes to get the word out about the Sunday workshops so we can keep them coming.

There is a big need out there for Jewish interpreters who can interpret for services and life cycle events as well as Judaic classes and Hebrew classes. I know from personal experience that interpreters who are able to fill these requests are difficult to find. People who are interested in finding out about these workshops can go to the SCRID website at http://www.scrid.org/ PDC.htm. They can also contact her directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to give feedback or ideas for how to let people know about these workshops.

Dena Schechter

Dear Sharon,

The birthright trip was a success for many Jewish young deaf and hard of hearing adults so thank you for writing up this article. We hope that this [Taglit-birthright israel] article would inspire more people to visit Israel. Any Jewish deaf or hard of hearing adult who is over the age of 26 will not be eligible for the birthright trip. We have good news that there is a trip already arranged for Jewish deaf and hard of hearing people. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information and registration. Thank you again...

Rachelle and Samuel Landau

Hi there.

The Sept/Oct issue is great. I think the Landau's should be ashamed of themselves for not attending the wedding of the young lady who married a non Jew. After all, as a Jew, the young lady's children would be considered Jewish......and, maybe the man would convert to Judaism...no mention was made if a Rabbi officiated at the ceremony. As a former member of the Board of the Landau's singles registry the young lady must still feel Jewish and should be forgiven for not wanting to spend her life alone and unwed. I donate to the OU for their deaf concerns and I hope they do not agree with the Landau's attitude. It is as if the Landau's 'Sat Shiva' for the young Jewish lady. A Shandra. Respectfully,

Leonard Frank


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